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iBO.  I Am A Product Of My Self And What It Perceives.

• Habitual Hibernation •
When It Comes Time To Facilitate Contemplation, Consideration, And Concentration, My Eyes Must Close. The Results? Soon To Come... kzmiblzf.

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My Pen.

My Pad.

My Pallet.

My Sketch Book.

My Dairy.

My Ideas.

My Friend.

Lastly, My Phone.

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• I Think I've Made It To The Other Side. I Think I See Light •

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• Come To Your Senses • ... Or See Me With The Hands.

• Aero Auto •

I Don't Want To Crash Anymore. | #acreativedc | #hifructose | #creativeexplore |

• Manifest, Manage, Maintain •

Events May Occur Under Natural Circumstances, But Plant Seeds; Watch Grow. Repeat. | #acreativedc | #hifructose | #creativeexplore |

• The Given Name •

I Have Been Going Against The Given Name In Hopes To Maintain, But Things Have Changed. You May Know Me As Bluseph. But Please, Call Me Obi. We're Friends.

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• First Come First Served •

Self Preservation. Self Growth. Surround Yourself With Your Self. Serve Your Self First.

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Edited by: @bluzf | #acreativedc | #hifructose | #creativeexplore |

"Perfect" by Key!

"Smoke Again ft. Ab-Soul" by Chance The Rapper

"Check" by Young Thug.

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