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Katarina Catapano💜  Sometimes opening your eyes means losing your mind. Scott💚 ☁️dread head☁️ Email: #StankyyDankyy #StankyySquad #massfam #massroots

“how much energy are u wasting denying who u are to construct an ideal version of who u think u should be” .. ..I dropped a dab onto the weed while it was embered 🙂

I just woke up an don’t know why I look so serious 😅 but I’m excited I wrapped one of my dreads last night, I’m loving it so much 😄💜!

Morning dabs out of my @nectarcollector710 🙂 ... sooo next month I’ll be in jersey for a high school reunion hah fucking crazy how time truly does fly 😅but I’ll be out there for two weeks so I hope I get to see my whole family (which is nearly impossible to do in two weeks bc of how big it is!!) an friends I’ve missed so much💜 #blessed

When me an @ravenmyers__ lived together 3 years ago 😭 I miss our apartment!! My baby dreads🖤

Letting go of anger an stress so I can hold on to calm an happiness✨ my shirt thing is from @thaiharempants hah 😜 necklace from @gypsymoonshop

Sending everyone positive energy ✨ stoked about my tapestry from @thirdeyetapestries

I got smoke in my eye hah💚

Last night I shut all my lights off an smoked as I watched the storm roll through, I was lucky to catch a slow mo of some lighting!⛈⚡️🖤

Good morning blunt to start my day🙂 I love all the animal stories I got on my last post!! Had me cracking up all day💚

I’m often asked if it’s animal abuse to get your pet high.. well if you are holding them down against their will then I’d say yes that is animal abuse.. in college I knew a dog that would steal your beer if you weren’t paying attention, I’ve known multiple cats and dogs that love to smoke, I know a few animals that love psychedelics .. it’s not abuse if they like it.. opal will run up next to me almost every time I pick my bong up an meow at me if I don’t blow it at her hah 💚 if you know an animal that loves to get fucked up comment an tell me about them!! I know I’m not the only person who’s knows animals that like “drugs” 😄

@cannabisblisss ‘s kittens are sooo cute 😍

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