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No caption necessary.

Oh hay there beautiful little dolphin.🐬

Good morning, Earth.

Vegas was actually a great time. Went real hard on Monday and went into a club to do some silent disco, found out it was open bar, and went down to see the Cash Cash perform live. With only 2 hours of sleep I enjoyed Tuesday practically just sitting in the yard of the hostel except for the $4 buffet I scored down the road. Spent all day making some great friends - Taz from Boston who writes boxing articles for Examiner, Amian from Holland who's a traveling soul that has been here for months and was really looking forward to being here for elections, and the many others that rotate the lot (forgetting names and backgrounds,lol). We talked American and world history, the elections, political corruption, artificial intelligence, existential questions galore, etc. We really went hard with conversation and I have no qualms about just spending the day talking to them. We were all very happy to see marijuana get passed in so many states including the one we are in, Nevada! Today I will get ready and actually, I'd never thought I'd say this, sadly leave Vegas. This hostel is like a little family of sorts, its incredible; I would choose a hostel over a hotel any day of the week. Today I'll head towards Sedona passing both Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam on the way. Excited to experience these "energy vortexes" in the Sedona area that I have heard so much about. Included a picture of the table that you can find nice people to sit and talk with at any hour of day, and by night fills with people ready to get their party on and have a good time. Hostel Cat, you will truly be missed.

Pulkeys Pool last night was awesome! Lots of beers drank and lots of fun nonsense spewed about. None of my new friends made it down, the Swiss were unsure and I don't know what happened to the NY girls - still wasn't the least bit lonely though! I met 7 sweet girls who work for Americorps on various projects to save the environment - obviously this appealed to me greatly and made me once again consider school for environmental science(no comments on this please, just a personal thought, this post is about adventure). We spent the night in the pool soaking and making more friends, and topped the night off with a great fire to warm us before getting in our cold tents. When morning rolled around they invited me to hike up to McGee creek; I cant believe I hesitated in answering but eventually said "screw sitting around the springs, a hike sounds nice and the springs will be more appreciated after one" , so off we went. The hike was beautiful - majestic snow covered mountains towering over us as we hiked through the canyon along a creek, a lake at the top with a beaver dam and wood chips littering the ground; we had a great time to say the least. I really wanted to go up to Mono Lake to spend some more time with them, but the springs are still callin' my name, so we parted ways. Until next time, or the next life, ladies - it's been real! ✌

One of the smaller pools at Travertine Hot Springs; I usually refrain from taking photos at the springs to give others privacy. Spent the night there and met some really great people from Switzerland. We had pasta, drank cold beers, and talked travel and life. It was another cold morning in the tent, the walls covered in ice, but today I'm feeling quite warm and very happy. My new Swiss friends might make it down to my next planned destination to camp together again along with two sweet girls from upstate NY that I soaked with this morning. Should be another great night either way. It's great to be on the road seeing new things everyday, but it's breaks like this where you get to digest everything you've seen and really let it sink in, plus my muscles have been in need of some good soaking!

Got some sweet videos of Kokanee salmon swimming upstream to spawn. Videos coming soon!

Trying every kombucha in the world is hard when you keep finding new stuff.

Confused hippie eating Carl's Jr and drinkin' a booch... The burger is supposedly grass fed though. "Carl& #39;s Junior - Fuck you, I'm eating"

Fire, fire on the mountain! So glad I played hooky today. Still woke up with my hand like Darth Vader doing the force choke, but at least I don't feel like a spike is being driven into my low back; one more day is all it took, amazing. I'll probably drop some exciting news later today so look out!

Enter Glacier. Easily my favorite national park ever!!

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