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Joseph Andrews  I love llamas. Also, I've got a YouTube channel where I share my life and hair with all people who may be interested. Snap and twitter - @blumaan

Collecting unique, often hard to get fidget spinners is my newest hobby. Collection is a growin'

Spring is kicking into action... time to take off the coat! Until UK weather decides to rebel that is..

The Cotswolds.. pretty place when the UK decides to behave itself and provide some decent weather 🌅

When the pizza man doesn't have your favorite toppings
#BigProblems #TheyHavePizzaInAfricaSoThisIsAlsoThirdWorldProblems

*keep ur balance joe*

This will be my last flower post for now. The fairy times are temporarily over... The weather however has been amazing these past two days 🌅

On a scale from 0 - flying fairies how magical is this picture? 🌞✨💫🌟 📸 - @dintyandrew

Found me some flowrz. Spring time baby 🕺🏻🕺🏻

No one else in the pub 🤓
📸 - @dintyandrew

Arcadian Clay (used in my hair) has officially taken top spot as being my favorite "lighter" clay. Eric Dale makes an awesome product and I highly recommend! For those of you used to the traditional heavy clays like HDF and Baxter, this is way different but still very effective. Give @arcadianofficial a look 💥

I just had the privilege of putting a ring on my best friend. I’ve had some AMAZING experiences in my life, and generally I’d say I’m a fairly blessed individual. That said, these past two and a bit years shared with Dinty has been the greatest gift God has given me and I can’t express the amount of thankfulness I feel from my head to my toes, (all 10 toes). I don’t speak out about my faith all that often in a public setting, but it would be unjust of me to not include the big dude upstairs who brought together this unstoppable duo. ;) For this reason I am simply so grateful and humbled to have been gifted such a kind, loving and above all else - completely crazy, (actually though, she might need some help I’m not sure) girlfriend! Though, not girlfriend anymore… my future wife :O I’m filled with excitement for our future and will continue to trust the path that God has paved for both of us.
In other news, we’re planning global domination so you might as well start referring to me as Mr. King Andrews the Great. You can call Dinty, uh… well Dinty is fine. @dintyandrew

New Packaging officially dropped! Original by BluMaan has a new skin.

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