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A N G E L  Wildlife Filmmaking duo with @bryce_trevett California 🌊 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ☠ Snapchat- divebombangel Loggerhead Sea Turtle rescue! ⬇


HUMPBACK WHALE BARREL ROLL! @bryce_trevett and i had a amazing encounter with this ocean GIANT yesterday! Whales swim extremely fast and we just happened to be at the right place at right time to witness its playfully nature. Also in this video is a Mola Mola aka the ocean Sunfish and these guys are huge as well! They are slow but powerful swimmers. πŸ³πŸ‹πŸ‘

The moments.

Zion crew!

A humbling experience at Zion lower pools.

Yesterdays close encounter with one if the gentle giants of the deep blue, the Ocean Sunfish aka Mola Mola. 🐟🌞

Kelso Sand Dunes in search for the Sidewinder Rattlesnake.

Beautiful southern pacific rattlesnake! Almost stepped on this little guy during our trek through chaparral landscape. The grass was knee high and as i was taking my next step the snake began to materialize! Remember rattlesnakes are more afraid of you then you are of them and will only strike if provoked. If you run into one of these rattlesnakes out in the field respect them and observe them from a safe distance. πŸ€“

Happy birthday to the best adventure buddy and friend anyone could ever ask for! Please dont give him any balloons today. Lol

Yoga with the Goodes Horned Lizard! Can you spot him?! Living in the desert can be extremely challenging especially when you need a drink of water. When it rains the little horned lizard raises it hind legs and goes into a downward dog position. This pose allows the water to channel through special groves in its back that direct the water to its mouth! Namaste lil lizard! Namaste.

No noise of engines on the road. No sound of civilization. No evidence of another human ever being there. You hold still and the world around you comes to life. The song of birds and crickets, the croak of toads, the swishing of water from a gator on the move. I love it here.

La Macarena. Best dance ever.

@bryce_trevett , @richard_cazares and i took to Yuma Arizona in search for one of the most beautiful reptiles I've ever laid my eyes upon. We navigated this dry desolate and remote landscape for two days and two nights to find the precious desert gem. The Tinajas Altas mountain ranges added stunning pasty granite backdrop throughout our adventure. Though unstable, the brittle granite that crumpled beneath our feet and the jumping teddybear choya that littered the floor is the place where this remarkable little animal critter calls its home. Will be posting more pictures of this epic Arizona adventure soon! Stay tuned!

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