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Rico Is Really Abigail  Call me Rico! Ricosprite Loves Faygo I am quite the Video Game fanatic, Homestuck is my life, art is my oxygen <3 Kik me: Bluerico

1:17AM. Report: My family is crazy. Im a foaming fangirl. I want to sleep. Why cant I sleep. Anyway, I love you guise, and I hope you all have a wonderful 24 hour cycle, wherever you are <3 I hope Im in someones' heart :'/ Bluh bluh! Anywayy, goodnight :3 IG! Y U NO LET ME SLEEP?!?!

Ask Amiity Siix # 1! @_sollux "What are your quadrants?" Amiity's reply, "1t DEPENDS.. WHo 1S AsK1NG?" WHO WIULDNT WANT TO PAIL THIS BAWDY?! ;3

((Gog Im already shipping fan trolls =_= Well, during my sleepless night, I was listening to 'On Melencholy Hill' and Im like, LeZomg! Thats soo cute! Sounds like Amiity an Semtex^_^ yeah, Im way too giddy >_<)) Well, turns out I have to move furniture and paint a few walls =_=;; So Im sorry if Im not drawing for a few hours :'( I hope to hear from you all soon when I get back!!! <33

Sleep is not coming to me :( havent slept a blink :( Anyways, lookie here! Im making custom Lock Screen photos for Homestuck lovers!! Tag me in the picture you want me to edit, and I'll send it to you!! ^_^

Simple Man by Lynrd Skynrd is freakin beautiful.. Makes me think of what The Dolorosa would say to her son, The Sufferer when he was just a grub...<3 ouch.. My feels! <3

Its 1:50AM... Do you know where your children are..? Anyways, GOG FRUCKING DANGNABIT!!! MY KNEEEE!! IT HURTSS!! Long story short, about a year ago, I dislocated my right kneecap. It went bout a quarter way down the right side of my calf. God damn that hurt!! I was wailing like some kind of punk bitch! In public. Yeah. Ouch. Anyway, and lately, its being a complete bitch!! It hurts so damn bad... My mom would just say its because of my weight, but actually, I have lost a shit ton of weight. God damn. Owweiiueee!! :'(

FAN TROLL ALERT!! Meet Amiity Siix! She is a Psiioniic Troll, who is blind, but can see the world through her active Psiioniic radiation. Everything is Red or Blue to her. Red and Blue make Purple, so she has Purple and Black hair. Her symbol has six points, hence her last name is Siix. I added another 'i' to her name to keep it within the 6 letter range. Hmm.. 6 is becoming a reocurring theme here! Anywaayy, Most other Trolls assume her blood is Red or Yellow, given that her color of the sign on her shirt is red. But her blood is actually Purple. She was once two people. A high blood (Blue) and a low blood (Red). Somehow, they got into a scuffle and were smashed anatomically and to the cell level together. Now Amiity exists. The name Amiity means Friend/ Friendship. She is rebellious against rules that she does not agree with, but is compassionate. She loves hearing stories about ancestor trolls and a particular Pupa Pan scroll she found in a deserted ruin. She loves that one. Ask Amiity Siix anything! :D

Behold, the Gentleman of the Jungle,, JAAAAKKE EENNGGLLIISSHHH!!! :D *drool* Notice the shirt ;) @brostrider @pageofhope

@ask_ftm_dave So, I herd you liek Pokemanz. ((This is my handcrafted Raichu hat! Complete with nubby arms, ears <with twirlies> and of course, Raichu's tail! Made this in 6th grade with my padre!))

@g4llows_calibrator Hey, Terezi! How do you like it? :D

I give you,,, TEREZI PYROPE! :D I did not use a reference to draw this, so Im pretty damn proud of myself ^_^ If you cannot see or read the words well, it says, "Justice Is Blind". It really is. I hope you guys like it, and know that theres more on the way!! Thank you all for supporting me! You guys make my tears go away :')

IMPORTANT!!! Hai everyone! I dont mean to pester you all, but I need to know. If I were to open a P.O. Box for maybe a month or two, who would send me art supplies? (I sound like a beggar.. But hey! Zeus is known for also being the God of beggars! So ha!) Please comment below with answers or suggestions, please! Thank you all for your support and kindness when I post my work here!

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