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Blue Moon Camera and Machine  A passionately analog camera shop in Portland, OR. See lab work on @bluemooncameralab New Artist In Solitude essay on The Codex:

The latest entry in the "the cool gear our customers bring in for a visit" is this Nikon S2 with a Nikkor 5cm f1.1 lens. In fact, Saturday was a day of incredible lenses visiting our shop as we saw both this lens and a Canon 50mm f0.75 XI lens (that lens got away before we could get a portrait of it, but hopefully it comes by for another visit soon.)⠀

Anyway, @angietashima brought this Nikon camera and lens by. The kit originally belonged to her grandfather and she had neither knowledge nor care for the lens' market value as the sentimental value far outweighed everything else for her.⠀

Our tendency is to compare this lens to the Canon 50mm f0.95 that we have recently featured. It is worth noting that this Nikkor lens is about half the size and half the weight of that Canon lens. Interestingly enough, far more of the Canon f0.95 lens seem to have been made. Our research indicates that only about 1500 of this Nikkor with internal bayonet mount were ever made (another 1800 were made with an external mount and it seems about 200 were made in the M39 mount for a relatively small production run of about 3500 lenses). As such this Nikkor lens actually commands higher prices than the Canon f0.95, due to its rarity.⠀

We really should give some time to the S2 because it is a great rangefinder in its own right but we'll save that for another day and let the f1.1 have all the spotlight for now.

Without being able to say exactly why, we have long loved the slightly asymmetrical design common to most 35mm SLRs. There is something about how the prism sits a bit to the left, weighting the shutter and wind lever to the right. It inspires a way of holding the camera that feels sublime (our apologies to left-handed photographers). Symmetry can sometimes be so perfect as to be uninteresting, but as we said, beyond these brief descriptions we really struggle to pin down just what attracts us so. Nonetheless, we like to look down on our cameras now and then and admire the beautiful design.⠀

Thank you to this Nikon F3 and Nikkor 35mm f1.4 for helping us illustrate this.⠀

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Our raison d'être: to help make film cameras and photography look elegant and classy, since 2001.

The Canon 85mm f1.2 is like a hole through your camera, through which light pours.⠀

Super fast lenses such as this can be tricky to photograph. It is hard to convey the same qualities one appreciates when they pick such a lens up and hold in it their hands. The heft and mass of all that glass make for a very tactile experience and the large oculus of glass is quite a thing to look through. Having said that, we think this photo is heading in the right direction in terms of imparting a sense of the light-gathering ability these lenses possess.⠀

The Yashica T3 Super D and its successor, the T4 (otherwise known as the Kyocera Slim T), pictured together. While the earlier T3 is a bit more boxy in design from the later T4 it does have at least one noteworthy thing going for it: it has a 35mm f2.8 lens as opposed to the 35mm f3.5 found on the later T4. ⠀

The point and shoot market has exploded quite a bit when it comes to the Yashica T4. Somewhat inexplicably driven by celebrity use, prices have drastically climbed for some of these cameras, especially the T4. But the T3 can sometimes be found for as little as half the price of the T4. Quirkily enough, the Yashica cameras were marketed under the Kyocera brand and with different names (such as Slim T instead of T4) for the Japanese market. These names are not quite as well recognized as the Yashica T4 naming convention, so you might still be able to find a bit of a deal tracking down a Kyocera versus a Yashica camera. But even then you are still going to pay a premium for these lovely, little compacts with their Zeiss optics.⠀

While we have already sold the T3, we do still have this Kyocera Slim T in stock, fully tested and awaiting a new home.⠀

The widest non-fisheye lens that Pentax ever built for their K-mount cameras was this magnificient 15mm f3.5. The design came from a collaboration with Zeiss. ⠀
Initially, it was constructed with an aspherical element but that version was quickly discontinued (most likely due to cost issues). Even with the spherical element, the lens performs quite well. ⠀

As expected of a lens this wide, overall sharpness greatly improves when stopped down; images become reasonably sharp in the corners by the time you reach f/8.⠀

This lens was also designed without a front filter thread but comes with four built-in filters: UV, yellow, orange and red. How much fun would it be to take this guy out with a roll of Ilford SFX or JCH Street Pan and do some ultra-wide angle, infrared photography on your K1000 or ME Super?

The greatest camera since the invention of sliced bread? ⠀

Perhaps, perhaps not. Then again when you see lunch being made and a tower of sliced bread is involved and the photographer in you thinks, "What that tower of bread needs is a camera on top" there are only so many cameras that will deftly perch atop such a pillar of carbs.⠀

Plus, we posted that Minotact enlarger yesterday (and already sold it) proclaiming our love of Minox cameras, so why not double down on that affection.⠀

You must also remember that while we work long and hard at our jobs here at Blue Moon Camera, we also have fun. That fun is often expressed in silly, little moments like this.⠀

But really, the Minox B (our favorite) and its brethren are remarkable cameras, both in design and function. Once you get to know this camera, it is hard not to fall in love with it, sliced bread or not.⠀


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Yes, we are a little Minox crazy here at Blue Moon Camera. We love those subminiature cameras and we do our best to make that affection infectious. We have converted a number of you into Minox users, covertly carrying your cameras everywhere.⠀

So this post is for all you Minox users because we just got in this Minotact projector. Yes, a Minox projector. How cool would it be to have a slide show of Minox images? (The answer, of course, is "very cool").⠀

Your next question is going to be, "But where can I get Minox slide film?" From us, of course. While we do not offer a slide film as one of our four standard emulsions, we will cut down Vevia 50 or Provia 100 on special order or our own whimsical desires (in fact, we have five rolls ready to go at this very moment). Naturally we can process Minox E-6 film as well. About the only thing we cannot do is mount the developed slides for you but this projector includes slide mounts, so you are all set.⠀

If you needed any more incentive, this projector is selling for only $130, as well. If a Minox slide show has been a goal of yours, don't wait too long to pick this projector up, we don't have them come through inventory very often at all.⠀


Of the three major Soviet camera manufacturers: FED, Kiev and KMZ, it is the latter we have talked about the least with our Instagram writings. KMZ is best known for their Zorki series of 35mm rangefinder cameras but they also made the Zenit cameras and these swing lens, panoramic Horizont cameras.⠀

The Horizont is a nifty camera to be sure. It uses a fixed 28mm f2.8 lens mounted in a rotating barrel to create a 24x58mm panoramic image on 35mm film. The action of the swinging lens gives the camera a wide horizontal field of view and the curved film plane helps ensure even exposure from edge to edge. ⠀

The Horizont is very similar in use to the Noblex and Widelux cameras, whose most famous user is probably the actor Jeff Bridges. Seriously. If you have not seen his work, go check out his website.⠀

Interestingly enough, KMZ (in a different form than it had in the 1960s when this Horizont was first produced) is still in existence and works in partnership with Lomography to market modern versions of the Horizont called the Horizon Kompakt and Horizon Perfekt (theoretically anyway, since both these cameras are listed out of stock on Lomography's store).⠀

These cameras can be a lot of fun but if you go shopping for one, they can fall victim to two big mechanical issues. The first is light leaks around the rotating drum that will produce two strong vertical bands of fogging in the middle of your exposures. The second issue is bands of uneven exposure running vertically through the negative. This issue occurs when the drum no longer rotates smoothly. So if you are looking to pick one of these cameras up, make sure to get a test roll through it to check for these issues first.⠀

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We get a lot of stuff in the mail: processing orders, film, photographic supplies, cameras, etc. As such we see so much packing material. So when the other day we got both a massive shipment of Ilford film and paper packed in gobs of paper stuffing AND a box from a consignor in Bend, Oregon with this Koni-Omega Rapid M we decided to combine these and have a little fun doing so.⠀

Yes, you can send us your cameras. Be it for consignment, for repair or even just because you want to get a finished roll processed but don't know how to unload your camera (or in this case you might try calling us first and letting us assist you unloading it over the phone), we can likely help.⠀

Just remember to pack it well. Don't worry we'll reuse (in more creative ways than one apparently) and recycle on our end.⠀

Shout out to staff member @youngdaveshootsfilm for letting himself be buried in packing paper and modeling a camera in a way he probably didn't expect when he came in to work that morning.⠀

Have you taken your favorite camera out lately?⠀

Please say yes.⠀

And if not, Saturday and Sunday are coming up fast, get those cameras out there! They are meant to be out in the world collecting light.⠀

The Pentax SL hearkens back to a time when built-in TTL light meters were revolutionary, not commonplace. Imagine a time when photographers trained their eyes and minds to be able to look at the sky or the light on the ground and make a split second estimation of that light, calculating based on education and experience which shutter speeds and apertures were appropriate. With a bit of practice, a photographer was not hindered the slightest by evaluating light. ⠀

And then light meters became better and more common. First they were carried by hand, but eventually they were built into the cameras themselves, and as they slowly became our constant travel companions we set aside the knowledge we had learned, or never picked it up to begin with. We no longer had to know light quite so intimately for our cameras could tell us what we needed to know. Such is the march of progress and technology, and it carries with it both benefits and losses.⠀

Then again, nothing is really stopping you from learning light in that fashion. It is easy to apply the Sunny 16 rule. And this Pentax SL, the meterless version of the Spotmatic, has all of that camera's sleek beauty without the temptation of metering. Well ok, it has a meter atop it, but this can be removed and left at home.⠀

We write this a bit tongue-in-cheek, but we actually do recommend making a point to at least guess your exposure before checking your camera's meter (or phone app). As a photographer, little harm and much good comes from encouraging yourself to pay more attention to light.⠀


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