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Blue Lily Photo  Wendy Whitacre 🌍I am everywhere! 🎉Crazy about making photos and videos! 🌮 Let me take your family photos naturally. 💌

I wish I could rock my body like this! 😍 Speaking of bodies... I’ve been hearing this term lately, “Self Care”. It makes me wonder how I am taking care of myself. At the current moment- not very well. I work myself into the ground from Sept-Dec, as many photographers do. Plus, my definition of a break or down time usually means swim, bike, run or climb. So I am starting to admit I have problems 😂. I’d love your ideas on how to truly unwind, relax, and reset myself so I can take off again full speed. Thanks, friends!

One benefit of not having a cold, dead, black heart anymore is that I love watching people love each other.

Last year, I asked for volunteer couples to model for some wedding videos for me. I am just getting into editing the large majority of them. Why did it take so long? Yes, I was busy and took on this project when I had no business doing so- but I also think that I wasn’t emotionally ready for it.
I was, at the time, at the very end of a long period of trying to deny the existence of true love, haha! Seems so silly now.
Don’t worry guys, I know it exists and I benefit from it every day. ❤️ Enjoy this portion of their sweet video! The beautiful dress was made by @betsycouture and lent to us for this film.

Today, I am thankful for my car. More specifically, for my car full of all my things. Even more specifically, my car that happened to have five clean shirts in it today. It also has a bike and 4 pairs of shoes and a random pillow and blanket and several jars of protein powder but THAT’S not the point... I needed five shirts because today in Houston, I sweated so much that with my sweat I could have ended the California drought, filled every backyard pool in the US anew, and provided the moisture for a slip n slide that could have wrapped around Jupiter 15 times (fun!). Instead I just changed my shirt each time it got too.. icky.
So, thank you, cute lil car of mine, for holding allllll of my things while I go out and work up a sweat. Or five sweats. 💦

It is autumn, have you noticed? I am actually quite Seasonally Confused. No, that’s not an actual disease or syndrome, but rather a state of mind that afflicts those who experience several different weather scenarios over a smaller block of time.

You see, in July, we were in the Canadian Rockies, wearing our hoodies and parkas and staying warm by the fire. In August, I was both enjoying the hot dry desert weather of a Utah summer and shivering my way through the coldest trip to Australia in my experience. In September, I was sweating it out with 92 degree work days in Boston and the greater Northeast. In October, I came home to Utah and it’s gorgeous Autumn and some surprisingly windy and brisk weather in Las Vegas. Which was followed by returning back to Florida and it’s muggy heat.
This Seasonal Confusion has many side effects, such as continually desiring to eat all manner of pies while wearing a bikini. It’s confusing stuff.
But don’t worry, I’ll be fine and I’ll sort it out eventually! In the meantime, please send pie.

Triathlon is such a humbling sport. In today’s race alone, which covered 70.3 miles, I felt my highest highs and my lowest lows. One minute, I was doing the calculations and seeing a thrilling blowout to my personal record for the Half Iron distance. Seemingly the next minute, I was forced to submit to my grumbling quad injury and watch my PR diminish drastically. Several times I wanted to cry. Several times I wanted to cartwheel across the stunning scenery. In the end, today’s race was a 17 minute personal record- so I have nothing to be sad about. No other sport pushes me this way. No other sport highlights my physical and emotional weaknesses this way. And that’s precisely why I love it. ❤️ thanks to ALL for cheering me on from afar!

It’s an odd feeling thing to travel alone consistently. On the one hand, it’s an open ended, Choose Your Own Adventure with a wild, wind-in-your-hair feel. On the other hand, the loneliness is at times extremely stifling. I used to never be bothered by this, but lately I feel choked by the hand of guilt. Missing my kids growing up. Missing their jokes and antics. Missing their major milestones as they get checked off. Missing looking at those I love in the face every day. It takes a stupendous mental power to push that feeling down and charge forward, knowing that this is my job. That I love this job. And that Isaac and Isabelle NEED me to have this job.
As a naturally adventurous person, I’ve also come to a place where I find myself checking these fantastic Bucket List items off... by myself. And this isn’t a pity party, don’t worry. I know very well that I am very lucky. I just find myself wishing I had my loved ones there too, to smile with and hug and be exited with. The silver lining is: that this is my goal. To have them travel with me more often than just summers, so we explore the earth and what it has to offer. I am goal oriented. It’s going to happen.
For now? I’ll keep climbing, triathlon-ing, road-tripping, amusement-park-ing, and Photo/Video-ing my way across America. Only 1 month left!!!

Huge sigh of relief! A while ago, I hired @jodirothfeld_photography to take my headshots, and I spent the three days prior to the shoot stressed out about EVERY single aspect of how it would go. But look! I didn’t need to worry at all, I look like the me I see in my head! PHEW. This was such a fun experience, I encourage you all to go have a special “you” day and get your headshots done! You deserve to see your own smile ;) check out my triathlon page to see some tri headshots! @tri.or.die 🚴🏻‍♀️

Friends! I’m still in desperate need of help with my model call for the VA/DC area! I need a couple to model in their own wedding attire on Tuesday, October 30th in the afternoon til sunset in Castleton, VA. Pay is $500 for about 4 hours or less of walking around and loving each other. Easy stuff! Please share this post and or tag friends, I’ll owe you forever!!! I am also looking for a florist who can make a bouquet and boutonnière. Please email me at or text me at 571-358-4706!!!

Yesterday I was able to go to Disney World! I didn’t have a *ton* of time to wander the park, however, so... I ran through it and made it a race. (Against myself. I won! Haha)

It was SO fun! I encourage you all to get out there and experience something solo here and there. I truly love traveling alone (and with my family, too) and now I have a fun video to remind me of this experience.

I shot this all on my iPhone and had it edited soon after I left the park. Learn how! Link in profile.
PS: I got a lot of weird looks as I ran like a dork across the park in triathlon spandex, but you know I’m used to that 😉

Having my own business is such a roller coaster. There are times of excitement and feeling like you’re on top of the world, and then there are times of despair or worry or knowing that you dropped the ball and disappointed someone. Tonight I’m telling myself that good always comes with bad, bad always with the good. It keeps me in balance. I don’t believe you can have the high of the good times without those very desolate lows. The important step is to pick yourself up and charge onward. Whether in business, personal life, or relationships, I’m working on acceptance, reflection, and then charging onward!

This family’s dog-loving skills are strong. Level up! Speaking of dogs, what are your feelings about dogs in strollers? I’ve seen so many lately! Discuss.

Hi friends! I’m trying to work out a theory in my head. Can you help?

You see, when I run (you do know running is THE WORST, right?) I tend to get really hot. I mean yeah, everybody does... but I think I get fiery hot. So, my theory is: redheads are hotter.

Er... wait, that didn’t come out right. Redheads run hotter. We just *are* hot. Like, the hottest! Sigh. This isn’t coming out right at all.
But I digress. Can you please help me work out the science of it?
Also, while we’re chatting, check out this ADORABLE redheaded baby!!! I die! (From her cuteness, not because my body temp is 2000 degrees from running on the treadmill just now.)

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