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Blue Lily Photo  Wendy Whitacre 🌍I am everywhere! 🎉Crazy about making photos and videos! 🌮 Let me take your family photos naturally. 💌

I’ve become an expert napper. Now that I have a car, I use it not only for transport but also as a giant bed. If I’m driving from city to city and feel a little drowsy? No problem. Set an alarm for 18 minutes, pull over, lean the seat back and before my eyes close, I’m dead asleep. If I get to a photo session too early and find myself yawning? No problem! I can climb in the back seat and be snoring before my feet even reach the back. I’m telling you, people... I’m the Connor McGregor of napping. As I practice, I only get better. In fact, I’m feeling a bit sleepy right this v... 😴

Things I did today:
1. I drove a lot, and pulled over for a nap, then drove, then napped, etc.
2. Put a lot of thought into what I wanted for dinner. Answer: Steak!
3. Took pictures at a beautiful farm with super awesome, awkward llamas with horrifically wonderful bad teeth.
4. Tried to swim at the local YMCA. Was denied, since I’m not a local and didn’t have a member with me. So, I went outside and asked the first person I saw, “can you help me get in by claiming I’m with you? The poor chap looked me up and down and said, “I don’t think my wife would appreciate that.” 😂 WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Hahahahahahah
5. Took myself out to a steak dinner. Yum, yum!
6. Chatted with my kids via text while editing.
7. Thanked my lucky stars for another safe, successful day.

Words that I love, written by my friend Carrie @cabesh: “For several years of motherhood I was horrified at the idea of family photos. I kept telling myself I'd lose weight and then we'd take photos. Then one day something clicked: My kids don't care that I have a plus sized body. They love me. My husband loves me. When my children are grown they wouldn't look at photos and say, "Mom was so fat!" They would, however, say, "Why don't we have any family photos?" I bit the bullet and we took our first family photos after a six year break. They were beautiful and I loved seeing our family together! I loved it so much that we do photos with Wendy at Blue Lily Photo every year now.

Do I love my body now? Nope, but I love my family and I love the memories captured in photos each year.” Thank you SO much for sharing, and encouraging us all the get in front of the lens, Carrie! Swipe to see Carrie’s family photos from previous years.

❤️❤️❤️ Love is so... lovely! ❤️❤️❤️ #bluelilyloveinmotion

You know what’s super crazy awesome? As you know, I’m on a three month trip right now taking family photos across the States and Canada. Which is awesome, but not what I came to talk about. What’s crazy awesome is that out of approximately 90 days/nights on the road, I’m going to spend about 80 of those in the homes of friends I’ve made through my photography lifestyle. IS THAT NOT THE COOLEST? I am blessed with many amazing, kind, caring friends and clients who set a wonderful example of what it means to be selfless and giving. I learn a lot from my friends, my clients, and you here in my audience. There is so much goodness out there, and YOU are the ones helping it flow along. Thank you so much! If I’m headed to your house this fall, I have a couple of things to say:
1. Thank you SO much!
2. I’m sorry for snoring so adorably.
3. I’ll try not to talk about triathlon, ever
4. If I do mention triathlon, I’ll apologize profusely but probably keep talking about it
5. I’m also sorry for being so awesomely red-headed, I can’t help it
6. I’m a great babysitter if needed
7. Sorry if I end up sneaking my bike in my bed with me, I just love my bike a lot.
So, there you go. I guess I’m just incredibly grateful for humans that rock. 🙌🏼

Friends!! I AM ELATED! Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time (last year) I accidentally fell in deep smit with triathlon. I was never in it to be better than anyone, but I just loved doing the races and the spirit of competition that is meant for fun. I started with Sprint distances. Saying “Oh I’d never do an Olympic distance.” Then, I would do an Olympic distance, and say “I could NEVER do a half Ironman.” Then I did two of those and the rest is history.
This past June I felt like I really needed to push myself more. Which is weird, because I was already pushed to the max in business and family issues. I think triathlon provides me with the time to get most of my energy out and all my thoughts laid on the table while I train. So, I got a coach @radamleesltc , and he kicked my butt into high gear with a goal race of the 2018 Columbus Triathlon. I specifically had the goal to PR that course which I did last year.
I trained and I trained, even when I was pretty sure it was crazy and today I did that race again! AND GUESS WHAT!?!?! I PR’d by a very satisfactory amount to me, and I placed 3rd among all the female athletes! Plus, I got first place in my age group (35-39). This is so, so, so exciting to me. First off, I am relieved. I am relieved that doing something I love hasn’t been a waste of time, in the sense that what if I hadn’t improved, or gotten worse!? That would not be justifiable with how much time I spend training. Secondly, I love life moments that prove that hard work pays off. It’s a great lesson for me, and my kiddos.
So- here’s to meeting our personal goals, breaking Personal Records, pushing ourselves to the limit. Triathlon is SO MUCH FUN, and I am so glad I found it. Thank YOU so much for reading this chapter book and for all your support!!! 🥇🏆🥉🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🏃‍♀️ 📷 @staciebowers who is incredible, supportive and provided the MOST AMAZING cheering squad ever! I was practically famous on the course because of them. People kept saying, are you Wendy??? I love your cheering squad! 😂

This is my best friend, on the right end there in the first photo. A little more than three years ago she went through a hard divorce. Okay, so maybe there aren’t any easy divorces. But this one? No one would deny this was a whopper of a divorce. And yet here they are. Mom. Dad. Their three boys. Bonus Mom. Bonus sisters. Together.
And not just together reluctantly and awkwardly. The beauty and togetherness you’re seeing is real. Not because there are no issues. Not because there isn’t pain mixed with the joy you see. But because my friend gets it. She gets that her kids want a family picture and this IS their family. She gets that kids deserve parents who are kind to each other. And she figured out how she could do this.
Therapy. Yoga. Meditation. Sitting with pain. Experiencing joy without trying to keep or control it. Reading @anipemachodron, @eckharttolle, and @glennondoyle. That was her path.
What is yours? Whatever it is, go for it.
Almost half of us are dealing with divorce. Of course things don’t always work out this way. There are multiple people involved and we can only control ourselves (and sometimes that feels a little shaky too, right??). But knowing the intimate details of this divorce, I can say these pictures show we are all capable of so much more love, gratitude and acceptance than we know.

So let’s aim high. Start for the kids, but remember this path benefits everyone. We humans can carry tremendous heaviness and lightness at the same time. In fact, I believe we are designed for it.

Have you booked your session with me yet this year? If not, I can promise you, you’re missing out on some key experiences you need in 2018 such as:

1. Hearing my weirdo baby voice shout commands

2. Hearing me bark like a dog to make your two year old laugh

3. Seeing me get grass stains on my jeans like a school kid because I’m kneeling down to get juuuuuust the right angle of your beautiful face

4. Watching me act like a four year old because your four year old finds me totally relatable

And ok, maybe you don’t think these are key experiences for your 2018- but how about this one:

You need pictures of YOU with your loved ones, having a good time together while the sun shines down on you making you all look like angels for even juuuust one second. You can let me capture your childrens’ (or dogs’) faces while they blissfully discuss all manner of bathroom talk with me with glee. And year after year you’ll be glad you made that appointment with me because those moments were frozen in time forever. ❤️ I hope to see you soon!

Well, I left on my tour across America! Leaving was... like an explosion of chaos mixed with stress mixed with hot Cheeto dust that gets in your eye. Listen, that’s a pretty accurate description, so just accept it.

In GREAT news, guess what? I got a car!! You may remember that I haven’t had a car for 9 months. Which was equally annoying and a good kind of challenging! But now my friends. I have a car to call my own. I am so lucky. It’s a cute car too, an older Audi wagon that fits my bike in the back, just in case I want to run errands on the bike because having a car is just “too time saving” or “too convenient” or because “I look way too cute in that wagon, I need to play it down.” You get it.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Check out these cuties I photographed on my second stop of the tour, Golden, CO. I’m now going to edit eleventy BILLION sessions because believe it or not, I’m. *teensie bit/massively* behind. 😘

What can possibly make the Salt Flats look even dreamier? Smokey skies 😍😍😍 I’d say the Salt Flats here in Utah are hands down my clients’ dream location. It’s not uncommon for me to have clients drive hours and hours to get there for their session, but I think this family wins for furthest distance traveled- all the way from Ohio! They may tie with a couple of Canadian families 🙌🏼 I’m really looking forward to editing the video of this session, too!

Jump for joy! It’s bedtime!!! Well, friends, I have five days left before I leave on my USA tour for family photo sessions. A truly bittersweet time. To say I’m freaking out about leaving is a major understatement. I can only come home twice, and although my kids will be in very good, very capable, very loving hands, the thought of not seeing them daily just... makes me cry. I know I can do this because I do it every year, but it gets soooo much harder every year. The good news is, the season flies by for both me and the kids. More good news is that technology helps me keep in touch with them every day. Even more good news is that next year I will have the power and ability to see them more in the fall. So, in a way, this is the last challenge. Can I do it? Heck ya I can. LEVEL UP, BABY. #wishusallluck

Time spent filming with iPhone: 15 minutes

Time spent editing on iPhone: 13 minutes

Video of memories of family time: PRICELESS

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Coupon Code is BL19OFF. ****Plus! If you already purchased this class at full price, drop me a DM and I’ll give you a coupon code to take my iPhone Photography class for FREE!**** Can having the skills to document, record and edit a family moment ever be regrettable? No. 🙌🏼

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