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bloo Lileee  🌍We are everywhere, is that creepy? 🎉Check out our awesome Giveaway below! 🌮 Let us take your family photos naturally. 💌:bluelilyphoto@gmail.com



Feeling sweet and sassy on this Friday afternoon? Then you’ll love this family’s picnic video! I, for one, am feeling super sassy. But what is new, right? 😜 ps: comment below if you’re suddenly craving a big bowl of berries and sweets. 🍰 #bluelilyphotomotion

We get lots of questions in our inbox about the how-to’s of video. We want to teach you everything we know!
On February 27, we are having a Video Creation Class! 7pm in SLC. We will talk about how EASY and quick it can be for YOU to make little videos like this to treasure forever... with your Phone! WHAT!? I know. It will change your life!* Come hang out with us and eat delicious snacks and beverages, and learn the basics of personal video on your phone or DSLR. Trust me- hanging out with me is FUN. Haha jk, or am I? Come find out.
The cost for this 2 hour class is only $39. Again, if you come and learn from us, we are certain you’ll have more video knowledge, more muscles, and fuller hair.* *results not typical 😛

Email bluelilyphoto@gmail.com to sign up!

My heater keeps breaking and I almost started a house fire tonight. On the other hand, I have the most cozy bed in the universe and hot tea at my fingertips. You win some, you lose some, right? Happy Sunday evening to you all, friends.

We are once again offering Pay What You Can sessions! These are tailored to the family that doesn’t get their portraits taken often because of financial hardships or because their income simply doesn’t allow for portrait sessions. We have done this for the past two years and it’s always such a good experience.
It is so, so important to get family portraits done. At Blue Lily, we feel so happy to help families document their important moments in time, and we LOVE seeing families year after year.

If you’re one of those families, couples, or individuals who doesn’t feel like you can afford to budget in portraits comfortably, please email us ASAP with your name, location, any additional info, and how much you feel you can budget for a session. We will get you booked and your family portraits will make you happy for many years to come! Bluelilyphoto@gmail.com

I’d invite these twin gals to my dance party anytime. Serious moves and grooves! 😍 Also, watch for the part where the lil’ blondie doesn’t want to put her leg in the grass 😂😂


I love humans a lot. I’m shy, but I still like being among humans. But dogs? I LOVE DOGS. Gimme all the dogs. I mean, LOOK at this dog’s cute face! HEART EYE EMOJI. (You can see that among dog populations, I am 0% shy.)

This video I did for @malleycat_maskcara and her family is bringing me mucho happy vibes this morning... it looks so warm and sunshiny, yet I can’t seem to get warm in my house today! Honestly I’m wearing two sweatshirts and two jackets. #yeti Have you signed up for your Photo+Motion this year? I’m almost done editing those from the end of last year... heart eyes all the way.

I love mornings!
At 7:00 every school morning, I like to make Isaac and Izzy breakfast. I rotate what make in a series of 5 dishes: French Toast, Smoothie, Waffles, Eggs and Bacon, and Oatmeal. They love that I cook for them, and I love it too, because I get a lot of conversation and closeness in the morning with their teen and pre-teen selves. In fact, sometimes I feel like their might be *too* much conversation and closeness.
Some mornings, Izzy follows me around our small kitchen as if she was my shadow, peppering me with questions about our itinerary or simply updating me on all the 6th grade drama tidbits. I cannot emphasize enough, there is NO room for her to shadow me like that, but she really doesn’t notice at all. It makes me smile :) Other mornings, Isaac will stand so close to me chatting while I mix the batter or whatnot, that I sometimes elbow him... THAT is how close he likes to be in the morning while he muses about what homework he will or won’t have.
I imagine when I’m old and grey, I’m really going to miss these mornings of close quarters and conversations. But hopefully I will have around 2,345 dogs to make up for the difference. We will see.
But for now, I love mornings!

If there was one thing I could eat right now it would be SLEEP. What? That doesn’t make sense? It’s ok, I rarely do make sense... good night!

When I was a little girl, I wanted 12 children when I grew up. I was passionate about this idea! Until We had our second baby come along and I was like “THAT IS ALL FOLKS.” So, when I photograph big families, I am filled with awe and fascination about how they operate. It’s truly a beautiful thing to witness the big kids helping the little kids, and how smoothly everything goes! Honestly, the big families we photograph are always really well behaved.
I am sooooo glad to have two obviously perfect children 😛 and to be able to interact on such a close basis with big families. I love my job! Check out this amazing family I photographed in Arizona. They are stellar people and an absolute riot!

It’s Friday night! Are you having a rainbow dance party RIGHT NOW?! You should be, and so should I- but let’s face it these guys have better moves than I could ever hope for. I BOW DOWN. Such a fun Photo + Motion session!

Reminder: Boudoir sessions are coming up, and I have one spot left each day. February 2nd and 3rd for with 3 day turn around so you can give your love a thoughtful gift. Sessions are 45 mins and only $125, in the SLC downtown area. Bring three friends and make it a group activity for $400! Email me for details at bluelilyphoto@gmail.com.

Have you ever thought long and hard about what your weaknesses are? Recently I have been thinking about this a lot, and wondering what I can do to bring my weaknesses more into strengths. But then I start thinking about eating salami and cheese and start heading toward the fridge but then on the way I get distracted by my bed and I take a nap.
I think napping might be a weakness of mine.

You’re gonna like this family’s Photo + Motion session! I wonder if it’s hard to be so good looking and cool all the time like these guys? I wouldn’t know, I fall firmly in the awkward dork category and I’ve embraced it. 😛 Enjoy, friends! And if you enjoy this video, imagine how much you’d enjoy your own! (Awkward dorky sales pitch) #bluelilyphotomotion

The thing about winter is, you want to cozy up in a sweater. Or layers. But for me, a sweater is the enemy. They are adorable, chunky, soft and inviting. With my body frame, especially my broad shoulders, that sweater chunkiness is tripled and suddenly I look like a Green Bay Packers linebacker with extra padding.
So what I’m saying is; if you can wear sweaters, good for you. Be adorable and cozy enough for the both of us. I’ll be over here signing football autographs because people are mistaking me for a Heisman candidate. 😉

I haven’t offered boudoir sessions in a long while, but I’m opening up February 2nd and 3rd for some sessions with 3 day turn around so you can give your love a thoughtful gift. Sessions are 45 mins and only $125, in the SLC downtown area. Bring three friends and make it a group activity for $400! Email me for details at bluelilyphoto@gmail.com. Spots will go fast. 💋

We are back from our reunion workshop in Kansas! Please enjoy this silly group photo (we are missing Kelley and Meg) and do note that my legs are looking mighty fine. We are so grateful that we have this group of friends who will travel to Kansas and enjoy each other’s company, laugh til we almost pee, and lift each other’s spirits. Here’s to pitchforks and mannequin legs!

This was a terrific weekend here at our Weekend Workshop Reunion. Oh man, I laughed so hard, so long, so many times that I’m pretty sure I would have a six pack if not for the copious amounts of chocolate and tacos I ate. We had a class session taught by @ordinarymiraclesphoto today about freelensing and it was a HUGE hit! Thank you Nancy, for sharing your extreme photo skillz with us. ❤️ swipe for some photos of this awesome house’s decor.

Those rainbow stairs, though! 📷: @summerlalande_photography

We made it to the @megduerksen craft house for our Weekend Workshop Annual Reunion! It’s been a great day of fun and laughter and reuniting with great friends. Check our stories for more nonsensical updates!

Antelope Island by night. Stars are so beautiful. They make me feel so small, and the world seem so big. I love that feeling! ☺️

I’m just saying- if you’ve never tried looking warm and happy during a 24* photoshoot, you might not be impressed with this beautiful-souled family who braved the cold while having the flu but STILL managed to look like their fun loving selves anyway. I’m so impressed! In other news, I walked into a wall today.

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