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bloo Lileee  🌍We are everywhere, is that creepy? 🎉Crazy about making photos and videos! 🌮 Let us take your family photos naturally. 💌

We arrived in Boise today and had a beautiful evening of sessions in the city. I like Boise. It’s kind of quirky and different, has good food, nice people... and the speed limits are too slow. Which isn’t a positive really but it’s fun to point out. 😅

So yes! Our trip has begun, we are gung-ho to rock climb, photograph all the things, explore, and enjoy one another. ❤️

Zoom in to clearly see an example of what my face looks like RIGHT NOW. In ten hours we are leaving on a two week photo session trip through Boise, Portland, Seattle, Jasper, Banff and Calgary and...

My iPhone Video Creation class is all the sudden booming in sales! I think it’s because of all the vacations happening, and folks want to document their memories forever!

I’m excited to share this review with you about the class. “My 12 year old son saw me taking your class and wanted to take it, too. Best thing ever! We took a trip to Yosemite and he made the most amazing, memory filled videos for us on his iPod. They will be a treasure to our whole family forever. We have already watched his videos of the trip over and over!” -Jeannie K.

Soooo, what are you waiting for? You, too, can make your kids document your vacation while you sip mai-tais on the beach 😅

Link in profile!

Did you know that as children enter their teen years, parents are 87% less likely to get family photos taken on an annual basis?* And that the parents of these teens live with regret for the remainder of their years for not making it a top priority?* Don’t be a statistic! I am just as good working with teens as I am with little ones. And I can help bribe your teen to get enthused about a photo session by promising them millions of dollars and fame, which of course won’t be paid, but in the moment does it really matter? No. 😂 *On a serious note, I completely made these statistics up, but don’t be afraid to schedule a family session just because your children are older! We still have a lot of fun. :)

This year, I have not owned a car. It’s been very interesting! Luckily for me I have a (very handsome, very giving, very charitable) boyfriend who gives me rides alllllll over the place, and a snazzy road bike my sister lent me for racing that gets me from point A to point B in a pinch, and that same sister also let me temporarily use her truck when she moved to Hong Kong!

Tomorrow all my ride options are out of town, so I will be traipsing about in the 100* heat on my bike to return camera equipment to the rental shop, grocery shop since the fridge is alllllmost completely empty, catch a ride to Provo on TRAX/Frontrunner in the evening for a session, and other various errands.

The nerdy part is I’m really looking forward to it, I love to be challenged and attempt things I never thought I’d be doing at the very adult age of 39. Life is surprising, twisty, and rewarding. I am grateful for my village, and each person who makes my life easier and full. ❤️

Today was the last day of an INCREDIBLE vacation/family reunion to the Black Hills in South Dakota. It was an amazing time with family, no cell reception, and mind blowing rock climbing. Pictured here are Isaac and Isabelle between cliffs, waiting for their turn to climb. It’s very rewarding for me to see them spend time together, getting along without distractions. I am thankful for a partner who matches my need for outdoor adventures and makes sure they happen in the most successful way. I am one lucky girl.

An ode to my laptop: ⠀
Oh, laptop, thank you for your constant work that you do for me while I sleep peacefully. I know I should clean your screen more often and keep you on a desk instead of thrown askew on the couch, but I know you’ll forgive me. Why? Because we create magic together. Our clients love our pictures and our random musings on social media (let me believe this) but it all wouldn’t be possible without spending countless hours with you, warm on my lap, and occasionally being used as a coaster.

Happy Summer solstice, friendsies! Today officially begins a brand new season and I, for one, honored the change by doing an early long swim and then a miserable hot run 😂Nothing says summertime to me quite like wearing myself out before 9 am! There are more moments of precious daylight today than any other day all year. How will you be spending them?

My face, when somebody tells me I can’t have seconds at dinner. #foodbaby

I used to be a major shopper. I loved clothes, shoes, and my giant walk-in closet. 😂 My, how things change! I now loathe shopping. I can’t explain exactly what happened to make me feel this way but I think it has to do with three things.
1) When we sold our belongings to travel the world, I was shocked and appalled at how many clothes I had stored in that closet. It honestly made me feel sick. I vowed never to have that many again.
2) It sounds cliche, but it’s true what they say about traveling. The experiences re-prioritize your values. I no longer value clothing and instead I value experiences that help me understand who and what I am.
3) Seeing other people with very few belongings was eye opening. I became fascinated with how few things I could have. At one point during our world tours, I could honestly fit everything I owned and valued (minus tax papers and adoption/baby memorabilia) in one suitcase. And it felt amazing.
Nowadays you’d be hard pressed to get me to go shopping with you. It’s the worst. But I will drop cash on food. Or a race. Or an experience. You can’t fill closets with those things but you can fill your memory with wonderful experiences with loved ones. ❤️

When I was a kid, summertime meant trips to the beach, girls camp, traveling to Utah to visit cousins, and family reunions. Each day was really, really long and the whole summer also seemed to last forever. Nowadays, as a parent, summertime means attempting to prevent kid boredom while still handling a full workload, planning out several major family trips, iced beverages, thunderstorms, and long evenings on the porch. I love the changing seasons and the differences in routine, but summer as an adult is already flying by way too fast!

Lighting is everything. And a beautiful forest doesn’t hurt either 😏

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