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Alysia Sánchez Melnikov  This is my way of focusing on the details.

I am so going to miss these walks 🇪🇪💛

View of the town hall at dusk 🧡

Norbert's brother lives close to Old Town and we often walked through here to get to the train station. So besides making it a destination, it was also often part of our route.
Not too shabby of a path to take 👌

Little cafés tucked inside ancient city walls ☕

This little hidden Hobbit house is my favorite 🧝‍♀️

This last week has really been a whirlwind! We went to another part of Estonia to visit more of Norbert's family today...we have been packing in every last bit of time for as many visits with friends and family as possible. Our trip is soon coming to a close..🌲💛

Warm evenings in Old Town :: from a few days ago ✨

Another beach day 🌞
Seeing as how I live in the landlocked Rocky Mountains, we're making sure to get in our beach days this trip 🤙


Cinque Terre -- the five villages. All five overlook the Mediterranean from the side of cliffs and the two main ways to get to them are by boat or train. They are connected by pedestrian paths as well. They are super picturesque and I think prettiest and best seen coming in from the sea. We made it to three of them.. 😎

Beach day -- and to say this place was crowded is a serious understatement. Somehow we made our way, through much searching, to our own patch of sand near where the locals mainly were.... Warm turquoise water and a pair of umbrellas were our rewards 👌

The view from our last apartment, in the last leg of our trip, was this 😍

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