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Alysia Sánchez Melnikov  This is my way of focusing on the details.


I will be parked here placing solder for a goood looong time 🙅‍♀️
Heera and Eros designs coming up ✔

Colorful monkeys in the woods❄

I actually had to move them along here; they were so entertained by making pictures with that stick 😁
You know, I am often talking about forcing them out here...but the struggle is real. I frequently fear that fresh air and nature will become boring. So far, once they're here, the curiosity is still there 💛

The studio is bright and shiny.
A clean slate achieved.
And this, right now. I am looking at these stones and deciding what I am going to create for the first time this year 🎇

First day up for the season and it was beautiful ☀️

One of my goals/resolutions is to get my boys on the trail with me more frequently. They are usually uninterested at first, but it always changes once we're there. They have no idea how lucky they are this is right down the road..
Thank goodness I'm still in charge 😁☀️

The ritual New Year's purge starts now..

A full moon on the first day of the New Year :: I am definitely feeling her pull 🌕

It is time to come out of my social media break ::
We've been doing lots of this as a family...spending much needed time with one another. I've been mulling over, like most people, the impact of 2017. It's easy to say goodbye...it has been a tumultuous year. But also, there were seeds of transition planted that I purposefully placed. The gift of aging is gaining the wisdom to truly see and accept what I have/am and transition out of what no longer serves me. One thing is for sure, it's time to get out of my cave. That warm cozy place has served its purpose. 💛

We're in the home stretch! 🤠
Everything you currently see in our shop is in stock and ready to ship.
**All domestic orders placed this Sunday and Monday (Dec 17-18) get a free upgrade to Priority shipping which should put you in good shape to still get your package delivered before Christmas🎄


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