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12Ft I will sink for sure

Filming yesterday under freezing cold water ❤️💃

I can't drink Alcohol. Just pretended to drink for filming.
Movie ❤️💃

With Minh Thu Dien Vien ❤️

Action Movie 😍

Actions ❤️ Movie. jumping into freezing pool Cold water swimming in. That it was a Challenge for loving thing. swimming pool.

Waiting in line for boba ❤️

I wonder we are students. Students it meant we are going to leanrn new things. Why we need to get high score??? We all know that we Cant be perfect.. If we knew all things already then we don't need to come to school.
I feel I don't really learned much from school. To compare with how much money we spend for energy and time. It's Not worth yet.
Does it make sense?




Idk which one is good? I just bought 3 of them. Does anyone has an idea?

Happy Halloween everyone

👎Met A right person but it's a wrong time. " it Doesn't work" 👎Met a wrong person but it's a right time. " it Doesn't work either"
So stay Forever alone. 👼👼

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