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Blue Gum Montessori Blackheath  is a boutique, community-based preschool that provides a contemporary Montessori Nature-Play curriculum & learning environment of the highest quality.

Sculptures at Scenic world, Katoomba is a current exhibition worth visiting.

Celebrating Earth Day. Blue Gum Montessori is committed to reducing the use of plastics in its learning environments. We have taken the pledge as an organisation with
Be encouraged as a family to take the pledge and to reduce your use of plastics. Take a look at where you can sign up to express your intent. There are also some good learning resources on the site. ...
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Toys and play props need not be expensive, complex or electronic.
In fact simple natural play things are best for your child as they invite Open-ended play and child directed play.
This means that the toy doesn't dictate or limit the play opportunities and the child is able to play creatively and from their own inner drive.
To give you an example: A child may love Thomas the Tank Engine because they have watched the shows about Thomas and his adventures, so we give them a Thomas train.
The most likely play will be play inspired by Reverend W.Awdry's imagination( The author of Thomas the Tank Engine). There are lots of messages/values that one notes when being critically reflective of the Thomas stories. The stories regularly include and model: teasing of others, male domination, punishment of dissent, refer to people as 'fat', top down leadership- as opposed to collaborative (initiative is not seen as a virtue and stepping above one's Station is a serious offence), model bullying ( that of Sir Topham Hatt's), models 'do what I say without questioning', teaches threatening behaviours "I will turn you into scrap metal!", nasty banter, mocking, major and minor classes (Steamies are better than Dirty Diesel's) and generally negative stereotypes.
On the other hand, give your child a simple wooden train, no face and no indoctrination by Thomas the Tank Engine and the child will most likely play out their living experiences which may include: their own train trips, trains as carriers for coal and people, journey's to Sydney or other places, rides on Steam Trains 🚂, things they saw out the train window, people and places they visited, railway crossings and more. This type of play is creative, engages higher order thinking 💭,is child-led 👶 , open-ended and curative ( meaning helping the child make sense of THEIR world and is vital to the child forming themselves holistically). So be encouraged to choose simple play materials that are not linked to movie or tv characters so children can play their own creative games, and also think about the messages and values in the viewing and electronic games children are engaging with.

An event for the diary.

Reading hand sewn Vietnamese children's books 📚

Be inspired to make some nature craft these holidays.
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Penrith Regional Gallery children's holiday workshops.

School Holiday shows and workshops at The Joan, performance space Penrith, 47237600

Free school holiday activities at our local libraries. Book early to avoid disappointment. ◀️swipe for more!

Book in early for this great preschool science program to be held at Katoomba Library in May.

Blue Gum artwork by local Aboriginal artists Leanne Tobin and Chris Tobin.

My Tomah is another great place to visit these holidays.
Entry is free and there is currently a free exhibition of Aboriginal Art called Standing Up Alive. 5 Aboriginal artists are represented. Two local artists, Leanne Tobin and Chris Tobin have artwork in the show.
Both Leanne and Chris visit Blue Gum as local Darug mentors and friends of Blue Gum Montessori. Leanne and Shay Tobin painted the beautiful murals on our entrance doors and Chris painted the Waratah painting in our front garden area.
Visiting the gardens makes a great day out. Be sure to pack a picnic to enjoy on the lawns or in the Japanese shelters.

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