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Luciano Rabanal  "Never looking back or too far in front of me. The present is a gift and I just wanna be." San Diego. Good vibes for a good life. PMA365

How 'bout them #Cowboys?

Celebrated the Halloween weekend with my brethren and more at The Sound Of Tomorrow: San Diego @soulection show. Such a blessing to vibe out with such spectacular people at one of the grooviest shows I've been to in a long while. Happy Halloween, everyone!

@orijanus is one of the most lively performers I've seen and he's rocked both shows I've witnessed. First was the Soulection 5 Year, then this past Friday at @hideandgofreak. Such a wonderful night with prime vibes all around

When your squadron gets to marinate in the good vibes of #CRSSDFest day 2 AND all of your teams win. PC: @makusann

When the manual gawd himself, @jsaito93, asks you to drop some tricks, you DO it. Had to call my mom and let her know I made it in life. #mySponsorMeTape

@takubeats was the epitome of slow burn at #CRSSDFest and certainly one of the highlights of my whole weekend. He, his band mates, and @wafiaaa put on an enthralling, cinematic experience. Also, my phone ran out of memory during this video

There isn't anything quite like getting together with my favorite ladies on the planet. I'm the single dude in the group, yet somehow it's these seriously taken/married women that try to make me do stupid, hilarious stuff. For about 10 years now, through all our changes and the distance, I've had nothing but the utmost love for them, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

@knucklepuckil was absolutely incredible yesterday out here at @vanswarpedtour. Truly one of the best lineups I've seen in a long time and most certainly one of the best shows I've been to in a while. I couldn't have been anymore blessed to attend it with my brother, @ohgeoff, and for his very first no less. Our bodies are paying for it today, but it was worth every second and every ounce of energy spent

Almost a month out and I'm still wondering how I was blessed enough to experience #EDC20. I've also wondered why I didn't watch any Independence Day fireworks. A good look through my camera roll provides a clear answer for that one

Corgi Beach Day changed my life. The number of magnificent dogs I saw was overwhelming. I almost feel like yesterday didn't even happen because it was everything I dreamed and more. What a way to start Independence Day weekend #socalcorgibeachday #corgibeachday #datfreedom

Needed a day to return home and recover a bit, and maybe a bit of time to think of the right words to sum up the weekend, but now it's about that time.
Overall, there's not much more I could have asked for out of my very first EDC experience. Shout out to everyone I had the pleasure of running into and meeting up with, but I want to send a special blessing to all the people I missed out there as well.

Beyond that, I was surrounded by some of the best people I know, both established family and new friends. I did everything I could to have the fullest experience possible by hearing all the diverse music at all the different stages, and it was worth every second! Cheers to #EDC2016.
#HotelTransylmania #RageBeforeYouAge #HavocSquad #YambBoys #EDCLV2016 #PaulOakenfold

Day 2 of #EDCLV2016 was a special one for the crew. For the first time in nearly two years, my brethren were all gathered at an event. Life keeps us busy, but we keep it rollin' until the wheels fall off. #YambBoyz #HavocSquad #RageBeforeYouAge #HotelTransylmania