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  Side account, irl friends please follow georgia.schulzzz instead. Georgia - ⚢ - I occasionally attend cons - 19 -Next Con: Goldnova

Ayyy it's my birthday today ✌️

I've had a lot of Christmas parties going on and each one of them had a theme so I have been able to dress up a lot which is great because I've been missing cosplay a lot. Two more Christmas parties to go to complete my social responsibilities and then I get to go home!

Opinion of Adelaide Supanova - much smaller than I'm used to which was actually ncie. Wish I had money because I felt more comfortable to buy stuff here and there some pretty neat things. The organisation could have been better but I got to see @milliebobbybrown and @johnnyyongbosch and Will Friedle and even a glimpse of James Marsters. Overall, not a bad con 👌

Yoooo, so I won tickets through my University to go to Adelaide Supanova with a friend this weekend. I don't know if I'll cosplay anything but if I do it'll be Esmeralda since I'm too body conscious to do Chloe anymore. Also it's gonna be hot and I only have a week to organise anything. I'll be there both days. Feel free to come up and say hey 😊 #adelaidesupanova2017 #esmeralda #esmeraldacosplay

So guys, unfortunately I won't be attending Brisnova this year. I just moved into a new house away from an abusive housemate and I've been constantly broke for the past month plus my last exam to pass this year is the day before con. I also just got a job offer to start working on the Neurology wards at a hospital here, so I'm going to be pretty full on. I might be attending Adelaide Supanova depending on circumstances but like I said the main issue with Brisnova is the cost so we'll see how it all goes. I plan to be at Goldnova 2018 though to visit everyone! Thank you #imsorry #tbhonlytwopeopleactuallycareaboutthis #butillmakethepostanyway #brisnova2017 #adelaidesupanova2017 #bonsaitree

So it's official!!! Well not really but I'm saying it is because I have every intention to ATTEND BRISNOVA!!! This is currently my lineup, days are to be decided. But yeah so far I will be attending as Wednesday Addams from the Addams family, Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Anna from Frozen with the spectacular @neverlandmyth as my Kristoff!! It's sure to be a fun weekend and I hope I get to see a heap of you there!! #brisnova2017 #wednesdayaddams #theaddamsfamily #esmeralda #hunchbackofnotredame #anna #frozen

Another screenshot from @captain.newtt s vlog from con. More gay. I really appreciate his editing skills that made me look not so gross and I always love watching back con videos for good memories :') #lifeisstrange #pricefield #gay #lis #goldnova2017

So AvCon is happening this weekend and tbh I'm trying to decide whether to go or not? I love cons, I think they're great fun but this would be my first con by myself with no friends because I've only ever been to Queensland cons. And going to an exciting event with people I really enjoy being around is amazing and I'm not gonna have that this time and I'm worried i'll be disappointed or freak out and leave early. But if I do go, it would probably only be one day and something simple like Esmeralda ^ since Uni goes back on the Monday and I've got so much stuff to do in the next 4 days. Should I go or not? #indecisive #esmeralda #hunchbackofnotredame #esmeraldacosplay #avcon2017 #helpmedecide

'But Max, if you rewind after I punch Victoria in the face it doesn't technically count!' 'No Chloe... just no...' I took some screenshots from @wonder.newtt s vlog from Goldnova and this one was brilliant 😂 It feels like ages ago now but rewatching it always brings back happy memories! Of course the wonderful @wonder.newtt is my Max. It was so much fun cosplaying them! Look forward to more photos now I actually have content to give you 😋#lifeisstrange #pricefield #chloeprice #chloepricecosplay #maxcaulfield #goldnova2017 #vlog #screenshot

GUESS WHO GOT HD'S IN HER EXAMS?!? THIS GIRL!!! 😃😃 (excuse the leg photo I had nothing appropriate so I literally just took a photo 😂) #examresults #iamhonestlyshocked #leg #university #onlygoingtogodownhillfromhere #😂

Got my Anna wig the other day to cosplay Anna (obviously) with @wonder.newtt as my Kristoff! It was all his idea but I secretly have wanted to cosplay a Disney princess so I was all for it 😋 i'll need to add some wefts because it is extremely short on top because I have a big head and never fit wigs properly 😂 but other than that it's pretty good! Hoping to finish up the final touches and do a costest soon! #anna #frozen #kristoff #cosplay #costest #disneyprincess

Heeeey... I finally costested Wednesday. And by costested I mean the bare minimum which was put on the dress and try the makeup 😂 #wednesdayaddams #wednesdayaddamscosplay #theaddamsfamily #cosplay

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