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Lydia  Welcome to My Point of View🍁 Ride softly, listen carefully, and love completely ❗️Help this songwriter record her first album! Click the link below!👇🏻

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
I challenge you to try something new today.
#palomino #horse #horseeye #montana #troy #horsesofinstagram #therapeutichorse #broweyes

I’d say Eeyor is enjoying Montana

Meanwhile after a walk through the woods...🌴 missed this crazy black horse

Don’t let someone dim your light simply because it’s shining in their eyes 💫
——————————————— @cherish_hargis_1019 this girrllll cracks. Me. Uuuup😂 !!Breaking news as of late Saturday night!!
WE SAW A HUGE SHOOTING START TONIGHT AND WHEN IT HIT THE ATMOSPHERE IT BLEW UP!!!💫🤗 but anyways it was cool to say the least 😉

#shootingstar #drafthorse #horse #horsesofinstagram #siguy #grazing #barnlife #bluesky #horses #dunhorsey #neigh #imahorse #stopreadingmyhashtags #hungryhorse #horsemodel #horsemane #eatingfood

Aside from my awkward squatting, I really like this picture 😊
Fred is such a love bug💘
Enjoying day 7 of #thrive !
I feel so much better since I’ve started thrive it’s crazy, I’m in a better mood, my energy is back, and I can focus so much better🙈
I was pretty skeptical about it at first but it’s done a good job so far! #thrivejourney #thrivelevel #fredthedonkey🦄

🍂And into the
🍄forest I go
🍃to lose my mind
🍁and find my soul.

Jiggle jiggle jiggle🎄 guys why is there not jiggle bell emojis???

Brookland Christmas parade 🎄🤶🏻🎅🏻❤️

Happy late thanksgiving🍂🍁🌰
Much love for this mushroom🍄
🦋Photo credit: @hayden_reynolds2003

Please explain to me why Instagram hates me and won't let me posts multiple pictures at a time🙄

In love😍

It is sad that some people aren't waiting for their happy ending anymore
Because they already know how it feels like
To wait for something that isn't going to happen
No matter how much we try
No matter how much we want it
Some stories just don't have a
Happy Ending.

That's actually bs don't accept it 👆🏻

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