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Matt Baker  ⚡️Tampa, FL⚡️ ⚠️Lumberjack⚠️ 🌳18 years of tree service experience🌳 Be negative &✌️🚷 DM the imposter pos making fake accounts🙌

I wish that just one of the baby squirrels I’ve had could have lived healthy enough to stay with me instead of being turned into the rehabilitation clinic :(

Some days are just shit and others are just like the fly. Me looking the other way today!

A peaceful life and a calm mind is the key to living happily - Einstein

When you know a crane is better but you like to watch the notch kraken 3/4 inch go boing! Negative rigging big wood!

It is officially over until next year and next year we will be ready for the city of Tampa’s extensive permitting process.

Can’t sleep in so I go to work on my business every single day!

I cut a branch today and my ground guys scrambled I was wondering why and saw honey bees flying everywhere so I relocated the queen bee and resumed work :) #savethebees

Crane day was a success

Six men, three climbers, four hours, two dump trailers, a bobcat, ten chainsaws and a crane. #abakerstreeservice #passion #petzlgram #crane #treeservice #treework #hardwork #stihl #bobcat #passion #sawdust #arborcare

6 years ago, 3 point body harness, rope lanyard and a 40 ft ladder wow things change!
Ergovation pro saddle, wire core flip lanyard with rope grab, rope ascenders, pfanner protos Helmet, arbortech boots, chainsaw pfanner pants and the same bashlin spikes and a ladder is for the roof access only lol time really flys but looking back is beautiful how far me and my team has grown! Can’t wait to see the next six years! Most importantly I have a full beard now lol

Please if anyone notices the girl in the back is near any aisle with those very addicting stompers shown in the picture please stop her and let her know that it’s ok to leave a sale and not continue to build a fort of protection out of those addicting clodhoppers ps she sometimes can be seen posing as a moth do not be fooled by her antics... love you sis!

Your energy is a form of currency spend it wisely

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