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Blue Maureen 🍃  Glenwood Springs, CO Contact me: blue.maureen.adventure@gmail.com ✉

Went on a local hike today, and stumbled upon several elk skeletons! I don't usually find whole skulls, but today I found 2 full skulls, plus 2 additional skulls pulled apart! Bones are cool!
Nature is crazy!
Also, I apologize for the sub par image quality. I had to use my little LG phone to take pictures today because I forgot my memory cards at home! 😣

Took our monster puppy for a walk the other day! Managed to get at least a couple snaps.
She's such a great mountain climber! Almost like a goat! 🐐

Had yet another amazing adventure the other day! Just before snow finally started to fall!!
I have this Tuesday off, so I think I'll go on an adventure that day and try to find the snow!!

Another shot from the other day! The backside of Mt. Garfield is pretty neat!

It's been a while!
I finally went on an amazing adventure the other day! I was trying to find some wild horses, but had no luck.
I feel like it's been way too long since I've gone anywhere beautiful!
I love going on adventures!!

Onwards, to many more great adventures!
Here's a view from an old gold mine hidden on the side of a mountain.
As always, many thanks to @requiemglassworks for taking me ever more beautiful places in this world!
I hope to continue going to many beautiful places with him for a long time to come.

Just another shot from the other day!
I'm absolutely exhausted right now!
I'm working as many hours as I possibly can to try to save up for a new camera!
In the mean time, I really do hope you enjoy what I can give you all! 😁

Went on a short, but spectacular, hike today! Came back to one of my favorite spots today. We like to call it "The Beach" 🌴
This precariously balanced rock always captures my attention!
So here you all go! I hope you love it!
Let me know what more I can do for you all to make my page better!

Figure I might as well go on ahead and share this image over here as well as on Reddit!
It got quite a bit of attention over there, so I'm going to go on ahead and share this with all of my amazing followers over here, as well!
I went on a walk the other day, up behind my house, and just snapped this photo.
I honestly didn't even realize how amazing it looked!
I hope you can all appreciate the artistic value of this image!

This is a very special post for me!
For a while, now I've been jamming out to some beautiful alternative style mixes! I found a DJ who does some amazing mixes. He goes by the name of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture.
We decided to do a collaboration together on this image! If you would like to see the full sized image, and hear some super sweet tunes, check out this link here! (Or just click the link in my bio!)
> https://youtu.be/i_9kCKeEcdc
I look forward to many collaborations like this in my future!
If you are interested in any of my photography, do not be afraid to ask.
I love each and every one of my followers, as all of you remind me to keep going, and keep taking pictures. No matter how dark or monotonous things get!

Went on a fantastic adventure the other day! We found an old mine road while hiking the other day, and just followed it for a bit. As always, we found beautiful and amazing things!
Just because I would really like to know, what are you guys interested in from me? I want to know what I can do to improve my feed for my followers.

Found a lovely, super clear, and just all around spectacular lake the other day!
I believe it's called Officer's Gulch. Either way, it was immaculate there!
In the background, you can see Loveland Ski Area covered in snow!
I think they may open soon! I sure am ready to go snowboarding and skiing this year!
Yay snow!! ❄
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