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im a girl  Sis- _bra_bulla_ "HELLO HUMANS! ITS ME! THE MAGNIFICENT SANS!" 💜Dustberry 💙 💙call me blue!💙

"how dare you HUMAN"

"error! " •she tackles hugs him• "your not alone.." •blue glitches a bet•

Swap fell: "I GOT YOU HUMAN!..w-what?! ..I don't...understand " •crying•

Happy family!

"ha! ha!"•she laughs at classic sans pun•

"I believe in you!- "

How dare you tell him that, Your fucking sleeping outside tonight •her eye glows, really mad•
#dustberry #blueberrysans #dustsans

Just draw on his face sweetie
#blueberrysans #dustberry

I'm so sorry I left!...I broke my phone.. but! Today I got a new one! I'm back
#blueberrysans #sans #dustberry #inksans #dreamsans #genosans

✨blue would wonder lost after falling through a hole , pitch black darkness is all That is seen, with determination she keep going! But a sudden stop looking around a glitched laugh is heard and right there her soul was coverd in strings felling like it's being pulled apart, tears ran down her bone cheek as the glitched laugh was right behind her✨

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