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Sabi 🇺🇸🇩🇪  🏡Madrid/Spain ❤Ulm/Germany 🍑 I like my butt more than my face 🔎Follow my hashtag #blubboblubbiblubb the new algorithmus sucks.

Can you handle this? 🍑👀 #blubboblubbiblubb

Sometimes people hate you because of the way other people love you.🤔😑

Now watch me!😉🐰

Sitting on the floor in a bathing suit with my sneakers what?!👧🏼

I´ve been trying to write this caption for five minutes - but I don´t know what to say...😂

*Werbung/Anzeige durch Namenverlinkung
Sometimes I look at my friends and think to myself...¨Where did I meet these crazy people?¨ ... But then I think ¨What would I do whitout them?!¨❤

I wouldn´t have to manage my anger if people would manage their fucking stupidity!😎

I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you.

I don´t even care about my foot hanging off the bed anymore, come and get me demons. Bring me home!😈

Do you ever feel the need to ask someone if they actually still want you in their life, because it always feels like they don´t really care?!

No one reads captions so I don´t give a fuck...😜...

Yep it´s a throwback pic. I´m still fat and out of shape after giving birth to my son. 😐
By the way... miss you girl!💖

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