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Tony Davis  Award Winning Tattoo Artist / Jedi mildly obsessed with Batman, the Simpsons, photography, cycling Liberal, drug free, bearded fella located in VA.

Mama tried with Jason... we see how that ended.

Some little peonies for the leg.

Today I covered up a clients self harm scars... she didn't know the design I did for her, knowing her I made something I felt would fit her, blindfolded the entire process. This was one of those "I love what I do" moments. Helping someone get through the tough moments in their lives.

Playing around with mixing up different styles of tattooing together.

I started off my week tattooing this pretty 88 year young lady with her first tattoo. Born in 1928 but decided I was the guy to do her first tattoo, a traditional rose for a traditional gal... I can't begin to explain how much tattooing means to me, the large range of people that I meet and tattoo and how special it is to me.

#WonderWoman tattoo from yesterday.

Finished photo of the #Disney sleeve.

Going through my phone and I have a lot of tattoos I haven't posted.... here's one of them.

Next to my watercolor style tattooing, traditional is one of my favorite styles of tattooing.

The other day I was fortunate enough to do this tattoo on one of my best friends, who got the tattoo for me. #lovemyfriends

If you cross me, I'll cut you.

Eleven from #StrangerThings by #Netflix

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