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BlotterMonkey /RW  I ride grocery carts to my car, rescue spiders, cant leave time left on the microwave and my son is my hero. Find me everywhere as "BlotterMonkey"

I just found out I can slide and make more desktops like my mobile phones or tablets now!
#Fences I'm loving this. You can even hide them.
#homeoffice #officelifestyle #office #workaddict #workaholics

Trying my damnedist to get a picture to show the magnificence of the huge bright moon outside but even with paid night cam apps it doesn't do it justice for the real deal
#moon #moonset #moonscapes #nightphotography #nights #nightscenes

I hate that this is me sometimes...

There's just something very magical and sci-fi about a big mysterious moon hovering in the sky of a beautiful sunny day

Crockpot chicken vegetable dinner!
Time to shred the chicken and add the vegetables

Who says Cinco De Mayo has to be Mexican food?
#CincoDeMayo #cincodedrinko #cincodemayoparty

My poor shaved black Persian kitten got wounded (after all his vet ordeal) by something mean and evil ( that I will gruesomely murder if I ever find)
and so while we're hanging out bonding I try feeding him antibiotics that must taste like shit to cats considering how he reacts ... but he's doing much better now

The "Pickle-Butt"
For all of you who know the story and the inside joke... Yes I have a real live Pickle Butt on my burger as I always do. It is as stable a phenomenon as gravity or time.
Q: WTF is a Pickle Butt?
A: it is the very ass or Butt end of the Pickle no one wants or would ask to eat. You know the part from the stem to the Pickle that you would rationally cut off and then throw away... THAT is a "Pickle-Butt" 😐

When you feel alive almost too much
You must create or simply implode

I like how this filter makes me look like I have makeup instead of my sunburn

My poor little kitty Sparky... I had to take him to the vet for fix'n and shots and he had gotten his fur so knotted up we had to shave him down to start over. Turned out under all that long Persian black fur he has a silver undercoat. And was maybe one fourth the size we thought he was under all that fur. The poor thing.
Turns out that nothing looks more pathetic than a shaved cat.
The others look at him like he's from another planet. I suppose he does look the part.
But at least he will be healthier and won't have the painful dreadlocks from playing outside and in briars now that he's getting big enough for me to comb him and hopefully keep his long fluffy hair from knotting up again. At least it seems he's forgiven me for taking him to the vet. He's still not himself yet but I'm sure his confidence will grow back with his hair.
#cats #pets #petsmiles #catgram #kitten #kittycat

Guess where we are!? Supporting our favorite theater actress @sydneysimss and enjoying the show
@firedancer814 @r_wilkinson34

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