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Hunt & Gather Grocer® Official  WE REDUCE PLASTIC BAGS. Delivering babes worldwide with organic cotton, luxury designer bags and the plastic-free​ lifestyle.Open in 11 DAY'S Bitches💋

“Let me tell you a story about how I conquered the world 🌎 to save it from plastic. Well. . Almost" "lol" 😅"Wanna hear it?” Over a year ago I had a dream that I had started my own business selling reusable net shopping bags. My mother gave me hers when I moved out of home I've used it regularly and people would often stop me in my tracks at the supermarket to comment on my bag! Asking "Where did you get it?" and admiring my bag!
I hated the plastic bag trend, and didn't want to be a part of it. I wasn't going to support the single-use bags that dominated the supermarket chains and retail stores.

After discussing my idea with a few close friends I decided best way to fix this undesirable problem was to take matters into my own hands. Consequently in May 2017 Hunt and Gather Grocer was born. Soon after Hunt and Gather Grocer was born the #banthebag started trending in local media, there was a political movement towards greener options.
Only 25 at the time, knowing nothing about how to run a business I embarked on my journey moved into a new unit in Palm Beach from my pervious location in Coolangatta without any scary bank loans. Spent a lot of my money on website development, branding, product development and I started making some hardcore heavy duty cotton grocery bags.

Going over the start up budget, stressed myself silly, developed business relationships with stakeholders, brain stormed with mentors and loved ones all while, having fun along the way. I enrolled in Mirco Business Operations Cert 111 with one of my favourite #bossbabes. Surrounded myself with like-minded people "You know who you are" ;) "Thank you, I love you guys." I am so thankful for my models and stunning girlfriends, Tia Hansen and Teaghan Jaryn.

Our biggest mission when we set up Hunt and Gather Grocer was to make other people as passionate about the environment as we are. And that is still our biggest mission today.

We are happy to announce that our very first stock arrival is in our hands! And we can't wait for this adventure to unfold.<3 @teaghan_j @tiahhansen @blossombotton

you can keep up to date and follow the journey with us on Facebook (@blossombotton) see we're our inspiration comes from on Pinterest @blossombotton or join the zerowate conversation on twitter @blossombotton and if you like the idea 💡 of supporting local small business jump over to @featherandarrow_co my favourite boss babe 🌺🌊 she is passionate about all things H20 and get out on the water 💦 with @purealohayoga

Our stock has finally arrived!!

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