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BLO$$OM tH£ P BTP NYC  follow the hashtags #btpnyc✌🏽 #blossomthep #btpnyc #richandimafelon #doingmydanceonem #climatebtpnyc #treemanbtp

This is BLO$$OM tH£ P
slogan tee by @mls_corp
would yu all wear my shit or Not?
Im Jacking ya shit: 💪🏽 Im Not Jaxkin ya shit: 💩
TaP in wit the P 🤔💬

How can i not succeed when i stay on my shit, how can i fail when when i go so hard to win, BLO$$OM tH£ 16iiM16

Fr££ K👌🏽BANGA 🤙🏽

B£HØLD this dirty LiL Brooklyn Niqqa / Crooked kid who came from book’n Niqqiz / Outta town them kraxkers tried to cook a Niqqa .!. YoWzA ...

Some Fun Biiih I met In the Telly 🗽shit be different In the city🗽 #memoriesofagudsummer #fourstarfivestartellys #gettheroommoneybackfirst #workingwhilesheworking lmPao a whole lotta hashtag'n going On 😂 tht n a whole lota PGO💁🏽‍♂️ 🐾🐩🙇🏾‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️=👸🏾👸🏽👸🏻w\💰+a😁😊😘🤴🏽👑 ✔️💯% 👍🏽 goodjob simple enough rite

To tH£ Snakes in tH£ Grass Movin Fast Tryna Take What i Have Know it's Just Another 💥 Out the CliP #Beautifullanguage✌🏽 coming$oon #btpnyc #blossomthep #btpnyc✌🏽 #yowzabtp

I feel it in my bones I’m about to obtain the greatest Gifts Life has to offer long as I stay down n be Myself to the fullest. The Alchemy strong the Energy strong. I’m gonna Be Great & I’ll never fall victim again. I was my own worst enemy I kno now. Get it together or leave it alone forever. Thank yu to all tht fueled my 🔥 n thank yu to all tht was negative about my situation & lifestyle, it gave me somn to persevere through. I never ever doubted myself n some hated tht they couldn’t brake my sPirit when their misery desired company

QBMF Artist Huddle UP #qbmf let’s get it together Get littt Get In the Zone. @haze_eventrade @artist_huddle_up @qbmf__showcase 420 friendly Edible Giirls are gonna Be In the Building. £PiC 🌬💨🍾🥃💃🏽🕺🏽🎶🎵🎶

Look at Me & this doPe Artist @candi_barz YoWzA #candibarz🍫 another doPe show & a Great Memory #raPPers #artists #hiphop 💪🏽

Shot Out to this Amazing Model actress MakeUP artist & Wonderful Person @naturalallday Incredible Vibes💯 R🌹S£ Lounge shot out to the @mariahlynnboss for PoP'n out & Performing💪🏽😜✌🏽

I Love this Man to Death. The sacrifices he made for a niqqa, the Love He's showed Me, & the faxt He never turned his baxk on Me ever even when i was sentenced to All tht TiM£. I love Yu my Brother & i thank yu a billion TiM£S

🖤 B T P 🏴

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