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Bloomboxclub  Like plants? Like Subscriptions? Here's one to fill your life (and house!) with plant joy! Delivers a new statement plant every quarter.

Here’s a little ray of sunshine, from us to you, to make today a happy day. Feel good! 🌵🌞 #InternationalDayOfHappiness

It’s what’s inside them that really counts, but we are proud of our pots! Every Bloombox Club beauty comes contained in a different designer ceramic pot. Straight to your door, no mess. Happy days.

The Saxifraga Stolonifera’s creeping green foliage makes for beautiful groundcover in your garden. The plant spreads via threadlike runners, with little plantlets taking root close to the mother plant - hence her nickname: “Mother of Thousands”. (Not to be mistaken with Mother of Dragons! 🐉) We recommend keeping her in her pot until Spring and then planting her out.

Calathea are well-known for their air-purifying powers. And, as if you needed another excuse to get one, they look like they have a smaller pink leaf painted on each big purple leaf. 💕 Beautiful.

Aloe, aloe, aloe! Look at this spiky little friend. Did you know that if you burn yourself, aloe gel is an amazing antidote. Just snip off a tip, give it a squeeze and rub the goo on your burn. It’ll stop the stinging like magic. ✨

Keep a couple of plants in your bedroom to create a calm space when you fall asleep, and when you wake up. 😴 Studies have also shown that houseplants can help people to snore less - is that music to your ears or what?

Hang this chappy in the light, and he’ll be 👌. Rotating your plants helps them to get all the 💡they need, and they’ll thank you for it. What a little ray of 🌞

Asparagus Ferns (yes, that is the best plant name ever) thrive in humid conditions. That makes him the perfect bathroom buddy. And if you sing in the shower, he won’t laugh.

This is the Brazilian Angel Wing. Mist her leaves often, keep her out of direct sunlight and she will produce beautiful blooms, ranging from red to pink to white. How angelic. 😇

The Monstera Deliciosa (Scrumptious Monster?!) or Cheese Plant is a familiar face in the millenial home, and it’s easy to see why - he’s quiet, calm, and doesn’t demand much attention. Winner. 👍

You can never have too many plants 🌿🌵🌱 but if you’re running out of surface space (we are!) then this is the perfect fix. Hang your herbs!

Disclaimer - if you run out of airspace too, we can’t be blamed. 😉

Hanging your plant, rather than sitting it on a sill, means you can rotate it for maximum light. Your green pal will thank you, and your room will look that little bit more stylish. A fern like this one will benefit from the rotating light.

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