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Bloomboxclub  Like plants? Like Subscriptions? Here's one to fill your life (and house!) with plant joy! Subscriptions and statement plants delivered to your door.

We love this space! So colourful and happy. @beccaaaacollier showing us how it’s done! 🌈🌿 Head to her blog, “” to read her lovely post all about our subscription service.

Worried about your furry friends chewing on your green friends? Don’t be! We made this pet-friendly collection just for you! 😻🐶🐰You can find it in our shop.

Which cactus would you choose? 🌀 Spiral
🐠 Coral
🌵 Spikey

Don’t miss your chance to win a 3-month mind and body wellbeing subscription – a collaboration competition with ourselves and the good people at @lifeboxfoodco! Follow the link in their bio to enter! 🍀🍀🍀

When watering your Mother-in-Laws Tongue, take care not to pour the water in the leaf rosette (the base of all the leaves) as it may cause them to rot. Instead, water the soil at the edges of the pot. 💦

Several studies have shown a connection between indoor plants and improved mood. Researchers have found that those who spend time in a room with a plant rate themselves as more confident and energised, compared to those who spent time in spaces without plants. It’s a no-brainer. 🤷

We’re proud of our plants, of course. But we’re also proud of our pots! Look at this smiley fella. So nice. 🤗

You just cannot have too many houseplants. As demonstrated here by @hanbullivant 🌿🌵🌱

Say cheeeeese(plant)! Monstera plants are picture perfect - just the right green for the ‘gram. 😉

Stuck in a creative rut? Suffering from writer’s block? Researchers at @uniofexeter found that creativity increased 45% more in spaces with plants. We’ll just leave that information with you… 🌿🎨

💚 We’re doing a pop-up this week at Old St tube station - whoop! 💚We’ll be here every day this week from 7.30am to 7pm (12-6 on Saturday) so come by and get some green in your life. We’ve got everything from cactus pots to leafy ferns, Calatheas, hanging plants and even some carnivorous oddballs. You’ll find us when you turn left out of the tube gates 😊

When grown as a houseplant, you want your String Of Hearts to dry out in between waterings. We recommend watering maybe every 3-5 days. Too much water and you’ll have a broken heart! 💔

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