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Maurice Harris  Flowers are one of nature's biggest complements and I just like to add my two cents...

We call this a #minimoment with a tall ass #minipartner in a signature matching set with a glittered shoe, getting into the @miniusa electric blue topless flower fantasy. Thank Gawd it was overcast cause the lighting and temperature made for a delightful time surprising people with a unexpected flower installation @melrosetradingpost and handing out mini bouquets (ba dum dum ching) get it Mini bouquets because they were tiny and because @miniusa paid for them. What cracked me up the most was trying to give them away at first people were like you ain’t tricking me with no free bouquet cause ain’t nothin free in America, well the gag was they were actually free and once people figured that out there was a line around the car... lol people are somethin else... and don’t get me started on the picky people picking out they free bouquet... okay girl I see you... lol
All jokes aside I really enjoyed being able to share the type of work that we love to do with the general public. It is so rare that we get this opportunity. Thank you to my amazing team, the RQ team and @miniusa for allowing us to create a moment were everyone could literally #stopandsmelltheroses #preciousmoments #themomentthatcounts #thisisyourmoments #thankyoumariahforcreatingamoment #livingmybestlife #kindamoment #cashmeoutside #howboutdat #didyoumissthemoment #sorrynotsorry #newmoment #ontheway

Throwing it back to the beginning of pride month where I’m serving up a full moon of chocolate gay ass in front of Trianna Tropix, the paradise pride princess for the Mayor’s annual pride kick off party. Trianna is looking good in her painted fantasy and I look aight with my new large and in charge back rolled body... lol. It has taken me a minute to post about this because I have very complicated feelings about pride that I don’t know how to articulate fully, but that has never stopped me from trying... I figured we will figure it out together so here we go. I do my best to live my best life both online and in real life, but it ain’t always cute. It is very difficult being an out and proud black man in this country where everyone loves you for being bold and unique but don’t get the sense that you are offered the same love romantically. The performance of kumbaya in our community is sometimes hard to reconcile when you feel alone and not seen. By no means am I a victim but I also feel like I am not the only person having this experience so I wanted to put it out there... I mean look @andreltalley a man that dedicated his life to Fashion and making others look and be great and he says he has never been in love that gives me pause... also the idea that pride month is becoming a commodity is very strange (i mean i bought some pride Nike’s so I’m not above it) why is it that we have to buy our pride or our pride can be purchased? The people that really spoke out for our rights were the folks that were super marginalized and the people that seem to benefit the most from it are main stream... Anyway there are a lot of thoughts here that are still being rendered but i thought it was important to put it out there maybe to inspire some dialog and I haven’t been able to kick these thoughts to the curb making it difficult to work on other more fun posts out because i needed to start to address this in my own way... #thoughts #happypride #blacklivesmatter #blackgaylivesmatter #youmatter #backrollsmatter #triannamatters #beingseenmatters #beinglovedmatters #feelinglovereallymatter #shititallmatters #lifeiswork #getintoit

I am just over the rainbow with this installation lol that we did for @barneysny for #thedropLA event that they are having this weekend! My excitement is multi layered... Barneys was my first job out of college i started the Monday after Mother’s Day in 2005 working in the home department, but i quickly found my calling in the display department where I really learned how start applying my creativity and using my expensive ass art degree. I then went on to work for @juicycouture for a long time in the display dept where I ran the art department. Juicy went thru a lot of changes and I no longer made the cut and got laid off. I took my severance package and started @bloomandplume . So now the crazy part (aside from that dog standing on his hind legs for 20 secs just lookin cute AF) The lady that laid me off at juicy (one of the nicest things a person could have done for me because I couldn’t make the leap myself) is the person that brought me Back to Barneys to do this installation! I mean the full circle of it all is just too much! I had such a blast working on this project, it really meant a lot to me! If you are around go check it out (but most likely when this shows up in your feed it will be long gone #whyinstagram.
Shout out to my amazing team that keeps me grounded and lookin good #killedit #theflowersweregoingtodieanyway #nailedit #noonewasingured #pussysteppedallthewayup #blessed #readingrainbow #icandoanything #itsinabook #takealook #blackboymagic

Ok I see you Pomona lookin fly AF in your pastel puma palm fantasy fascinator situation you are serving up #imlovinit just like i like a Big Mac every few months, whaaa don’t judge me the shit is good even tho my stomach disagrees. I digress, I am stunned and utterly surprised that your elaganza was not at the royal wedding this weekend. I mean I know my girl Megan was finally bringing some color to the royal family, but frankly not this level of color hunty, although I will say her mamas locs, nose ring and mint suit with the side swoop bang fascinator situation was really doing it for me tbh, not that you asked me to lie... lol anyway I was just really feelin this project we did with our peeps over @agenc #pastelprincess #colormatters #getitgurl #youlikeitiloveit #fascinator #prettyinpink #royalweddingwithcolor #comethrumegan

This is what happens when a dad calls in and says “I’ve tried getting flowers from other places, but my wife will only accept flowers from @bloomandplume...” Fam say no more we got you!
Love creating for people that appreciate the love, time, and energy that we put into our work and helping husbands understand why wives feel this way, not to mention maybe strongly encouraging baby making activities with the overwhelming amount of beauty that shows up at there doorstep... lol
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there, you are all doing the most important work on the planet. I am sorry that you are not honored for what you do everyday, but trust and believe i see you and appreciate you!! Shout out to my Mom! We don’t see eye to eye, however I deeply respect her journey and love her so much! #happymothersday #prettyinpink #peonies #backinseason #spreadinglove #spreadingflowers #latinosonladders #latinosmatter #latinoswithflowers #naturalopulence #bloominandplumin #babymakingflowers #😘

And last we have a shout out to Cousin Carolina...
Dear Cousin Carolina,
Happy Mother’s Day. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to India to see your friend. He has such a funny name. Bhagwan. I like the videos of you dancing. But why don’t the girls have shirts on? And why do you only wear warm colors? Mom says it’s because you are full of hot air and need to cool it. You can borrow my fan if you’re too hot. If you stand in front of it and sing, it sounds like a creepy old man telling you what to do. You should try it!
Place your orders before they gone like the wind...
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Dear Mama Coco,
Thank you for being he best Mom, even though you’re always sick. Who is Taylor Swift and why does she make you sick? And why do “all the white people and their business” make you sick? And why did you get sick when Dad said Stormy Daniels seems nice? Dad says you just need to chill, but I think you might have a fever from being sick all the time so I got you some ice cream, hopefully you won’t be so sick and tired all the time. Feel better soon
Click link in profile to order now before it’s too late Mother’s Day is around the corner and I can tell you now your mom or the mother to your children don’t want no Vons flowers trust and believe!
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Dear Grandma Vera,
I’m sorry I played in your bathroom and mixed up your pills. The little blue diamond ones are my favorite but Mom says they’re for Grandpa. Is he sick too? And also why do all your chairs have plastic on them? And why do you have a bowl of candies we can’t touch? And why does Mom call you a shady bee? Do bees like shade? I got you an umbrella just in case. That way you can be shady all day long!
We are taking Mother’s Day orders now
Click link in bio, place your order and show your mom, wife, or sister that you think she is one haute mama!!! #mothersday #shadybaby #shadylady #shady #shade #sade #babycouture #flowercouture #buyfelicia

Dear Auntie Nina,
You’re my favorite aunt because you let me try your grape juice cause my parents say that grape juice is for first Sunday’s only. But I don’t think that’s grape juice. Also, why do you have so many cats? And why is the smashed face one named Tracy Flick? And why did mom say you got Thirsty after you saw Black Panther? She says you got way too hot when T’Challa lost his shirt. Anyway I made you some lemonade so you won’t be so thirsty all the time. Happy Mother’s Day!
Love, Elyse
It’s time for Mother’s Day y’all and Elyse is getting started early as should you! Our Haute Mama Mother’s Day collection starring my niece Elyse (paid model, the only way I got her to focus was making that paper... lol) launches today! Click the link in my bio to place your order now..
#hautemama #mothersday #lemonade #beyonce #thirsty #catlady #tracyflickforpresident #shadylady #shade #paid #buyfelicia

Cassandra Ovahcast is finding her light in spite of this incredibly bipolar weather. Cassy as we call her is werking her new Sassoon asymmetrical but kinda symmetrical, deconstructed but still constructed, manicured but unkept, straight but gay, bold but demure, Chun Li but King King, all natural, but got a few pieces clipped in and a little spray to camouflage them edges that have been snatched to capacity one to many times, because she is tryin to work this new up do situation with a side of flawless skin but chapped lips and the tingle of a cold sore coming (now ain’t that about ah bitch... remember #youaretooblessedtobestressed #stopsuckindirtydick ). I mean when you spell it out like this Miss Cassy is serving up bipolar realness with a dash of anxiety just like the weather and that new Rachel Dolezal documentary #westilldontgetit . Luckily she ain’t in the business of making sense! #getitgurl #doyou #bipolar #beyou #dowhatyougottado #haironfleek #chunli #kingkong #imreallyfeelingthissong #overcast #ovahcast #queer #chappedlips #whytho #natural #naturalopulence

When I tell you I am feeling my staycation wicker basket hat and shoe combo fantasy with a dash of under the flowers as I immerse myself in this urban floral couture wonderland selfie moment that looks like a @bloomandplume moment... could it be... Divah I think it is... where can one find such an exotic selfie moment you ask? Well at the mall hunny... Can you believe it? Of course you can why would I ask such a ridiculous question... lol... Well my homies over @westfieldcenturycity hooked it up. You know they bougie AF and be having all kinds of nice fancy things to buy, see and luxuriate in which means I want in #hello and gurl when I found out miss @kellywearstler designed the damn mall I about passed out. I really was transported into another world of mixed metals, mixed stones, mixed woods, and mixed people. Who knew? I didn’t either, but now you can go check it out fo yo-self. This may be a little embarrassing for a person that has lived in Los Angeles for 17 years, but I had my first @randysdonutsla while I was there, they got a little stand over by the @apple store, I mean it doesn’t have the iconic donut sculpture on top (I don’t think Miss Kelly was having any of that) but the donuts are next level #bombaf . On the real thou I am so happy and proud to share this really cool project that we have worked so hard on! If you happen to be driving on Santa Monica Blvd in Century City after your CAA mtg, just pass by the mall a see our 4 big ass, supersized, out fo control, gorgeous windows that we worked on. They are insane if you ask me, which you didn’t, but you knew I was going to tell you anyway! #livingmylifelikeitsgolden #livingmybestlife #blessedandhighlyfavored #humblebrag #shablamfail #floralcouture #iseeyouforsure #westfieldcenturycity #bloomandplume #bloominandplumin #notplumming #plume #likeafeather #randys #kelly #poormichelle #letmelive #doyou #selfiemoment #moment #mirrorme #justme #me #meme #mimi #stop #ok #byefelicia

Happy Earth Day everybody.... Wait that was like two days ago... I mean does it matter, Instagrams’s brilliant algorithm doesn’t deliver your info chronologically anyway, and not only that I no longer feel safe being on time or early as I may be arrested for no damn reason and I don’t want to tarnish my pristine criminal record if you know what I mean, so get a grip girl, stop being obliviously silent cause it’s hurting me and people that look like me, and get into it because we all need to get along and work together to make the earth a better place and besides that, my girl @eromomen is giving you all the Earth day black goddess, black girl magic, dark and lovely kind of realness that you will need for the rest of the month, year/the rest of your life with all of this out of control gorgeousness that she exudes. @eromomen and I have such a beautiful exchange when we shoot together it really feels magical, not to mention the insane Set that we created for our shades of blackness vol.2 April shoot still available on iTunes #happyearthday #wecametoslay #causeislay #causeyouslay #staywoke #beAAngrywhitewomen #speakup #saysomething #changeneeded #goodnightandgodbless

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