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KING👑 VVS💎  "Blood On The Money" ❗️Born With The Beast Mode On🐅. No heart💔 Not From This Planet 💀👽

Don’t Speak Dirty On My Name.|| My Life Ain’t Mine

The glory is permanent 🤫🤫

Roses don’t grow overnight 🌹🥀. We came from the mud to the finer things.A-town -baby

You can’t betray me !

You can tell dems demons tryna capture me . I almost lose my mind for this 🤭🤫

I speak your name and it’s loyalty 🦋#cantchange #neverswitch

Picking up every broken pieces 🦋

They ain’t got no fucking choice but to put respect on my name 🤬

They can never stop the plan . I used to be so damn patient .

W O R L D W I D E -N I G G A

💍💪 Every King Needs A Queen

✝️ The lifestyle comes with a lot of sacrifice . #still-trapping

Do Numbers And Remain Humble.

I Let The Street Raise Me And Turn Me To A Savage. 💯 #undisputed

They Can't Keep Me Under Control I'm Rowdy💀


I Hang WiT Ma Bro's Who Have Goals As Big As Me.🤘🏽🤘🏽

Lord! I got so much fire these niggas think I'm satan 🔥

Too Much Sauce

I swear there ain't no time for Thot Hoe's on the come up.. #secureyourbag

Happy Birthday To Ma Brother @jose_brain 💯 Stay Gangsta🚶🏿🚶🏿

No Basic💯

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