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Molly - Ditzy Female Traveller  ▪️Hola, como estas? ▪️Next: ▪️Now: Southampton ▪️Palm Tree Obsessed 🇪🇸🌴 ▪️

This is the 3rd time I've visited this place this week... Yess I am having another waffle

Normal Mondays I would think about palm trees and the dreamy destinations that lie awaiting for me to visit... However, I have just stuffed my face with a banana and chocolate waffle with ice cream, so who is the real winner here?

Family time is my favourite time ♥️ Loved seeing the Rock Choir at @gunwharfquays supporting the @naomiandjack cause 💙

Summer 2019 can you please hurry up?

Life's too short not to go after what sets your soul in fire 🔥.... Even if your favourite interview trousers break 😂

Just when I thought I wasn't gonna work too hard, I decide to go to town earlier to find free WiFi, grab a drink and work on my blog, languages and emails before work. I think if I do this there is less time on my laptop during my days off with family and friends.

Sometimes I just can't stop, anyone else a workaholic? 💙

Oh how I miss beach walks with the family, the best thing about Cornwall was being close to at least four different beaches. Make the most of the opportunities that make you happy whilst you can.

Comoletely different kettle of fish in Southampton but still lots of happiness 💚

If I have gained anything this week, is gaining another coffee app... Costa and now Starbucks. All I know is that I get free syrups... Come at me!

Or I will be good and just stick to the green tea... Need to keep fit. Anyone else struggling during winter?!

Working in a bar where they sell fab cocktails is tempting, but then i can walk five minutes down the road and grab a hot chocolate in the Christmas Market! Can't decide which one!

Are you more of a cocktail or hot chocolate kind of person?? Can I be both 😍🙌

Everything is starting to feel right again 💙

I miss Amsterdam... I miss its architecture, history and culture. But I also miss not being able to eat all the food and go to the @heineken museum 😂😂 Can people recommend me cafes as well please, because I missed out!

Don't be surprised if i ever get a house of my own and have at least one wall with palm tree wallpaper... Just went to a venue today and it had some... My brain went into over drive... My long term goal: to own palm tree wallpaper... Anyone else get a weird obsession like that? 😂

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