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Happy Monday! We’re slipping on our favorite shoes and stepping into a new week 💃
Mondays aren’t so bad when you have a team of talented people working alongside you, and with our collaborative work environment, we know there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together. ✨Positive company culture is so important to us here at Bloguettes — we think being open, welcoming, and uplifting in the office fosters creativity and encourages our best work. How does your company promote positivity in the workplace? Let us know down below! 👇#bloguettes

We love nothing more than seeing our clients succeed doing what they love!🌟 We created the branding for several months ago and since, founder Chelsea has been killin’ it! Worthie creates curated content from the world’s most grammable spots to eat, sleep, stay & play from top influencers. 📸 Head over to Worthie’s IG to check out their dreamy feed and get some major travel inspo! ✈️ To learn more about our branding services, tap the link in our bio📲 #bloguettes #worthie

Got that Friday feelin’ 💁‍♀️ It’s been a busy week here at Bloguettes, and we’re so ready for the weekend! 🙌 We’ve been working on some exciting projects and are so excited to share with you all very soon! We have several websites launching in the next few weeks and are wrapping up some new brand concepts and brand photography shoots! 👩‍💻 Be sure to stay tuned for some exciting new reveals ✨ #bloguettes

A clear + bold brand identity will help you land the right client and develop customer loyalty 👏 Are you wanting to do this, but not sure where to start? Here are some tips for branding your services:
1) Speak with a consistent tone, in-person and online!
2) Keep things clean (simple = memorable)
3) Style your photos to match your brand
4) Clearly communicate your values
These 4 key tips will help you build a reputation, make you stand out from competition, and increase the value of your brand 🔑 What do you do to make sure your brand shines? Let us know in the comments below! 👇 #bloguettes

Good things take time. Proof: sparkling diamonds, blooming flowers, and the branding process ✨ Many business owners are eager to get started, but then find themselves wanting to change things shortly after. At Bloguettes, we understand the value of exploring all of your options and then creating a brand identity that captures who you are. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Are you interested in creating a unique identity for your brand? 📱 Send us an email at to learn more! #bloguettes

Quick Tip: If you’re thinking about creating a new business or revamping your existing brand, start by browsing Pinterest! 👩‍💻 Create a secret board and start pinning things you’re drawn to. This will give you a good idea of what your likes and dislikes are! 💭 Whenever creating brands for our clients, we love seeing their Pinterest boards, because it gives us a base to work from! Do you use Pinterest for brand inspiration? Let us know in the comments below! 👇 #bloguettes

Let’s talk about Instagram’s algorithm. Now, every feed is based on what each person “likes” on IG...but what does this mean for brands? Your content needs positive engagement to stay in your followers’ feeds 📈 Keep these 3 factors in mind to take advantage of the new algorithm when you create your next post...
1) Engagement: Strive to get likes, comments, and tags from your followers
2) Recency: Instagram favors new posts, so keep your feed updated
3) Purpose: Connect your followers to your content by crafting meaningful captions
Here at Bloguettes, we offer a service where we’ll work one-on-one with you to optimize your social media strategy 📱 Send us an email at to learn more! #bloguettes

Branding sneak peek! ✨ For the past few months, we’ve been working alongside Ashley, Founder of Retro Threads Co. to revamp her brand and give her a fresh new look! Ashley was our giveaway winner from The Workshop and we have absolutely loved working with her and bringing her vision to life. 👩‍💻 The design and photography teams have been busy behind the scenes and we can’t wait to share everything we’ve created for her! This is just a sneak peek at her new logo 👀 We wanted to create something that was classic, yet with a modern twist—just like Ashley’s brand! 💫 #bloguettes

Design is important. But, so is your content! When creating websites for clients, we always put content first and then design follows. This strategy allows a brand to be authentic and then really take off 💫 To learn more about how we can create an amazing website for your brand, tap the link in our bio! 📲 #bloguettes

We're all about creative collaboration here at Bloguettes. When it comes to the branding process, our success is your success 💛 That’s why we make sure to have all hands on deck. Our different departments come together and bring their expertise to make sure the final product exceeds your expectations! 💯 #bloguettes

There’s a lot to consider when creating the design of your brand. Do you want to have timeless elegance? Or trendy relevance? ✨ Make sure to dive into your brand strategy and define who you are as a company before you set off running — this will help with brand recognition! You might rebrand later down the road, but remember, keeping the same overall look and feel of your brand is key 🔑 #bloguettes

Branding is much more complex than what many people think! ✨ Your brand is so much more than your logo—it encompasses all of the elements that influence how your customers see you 👀 A great way to break it down is by your personality, mission, and visuals:
⁃Personality: every brand has a personality…what’s yours? A helpful exercise is to picture your brand as though it’s a person. Are they bright and bubbly? Gentle and soft spoken? Serious and professional?
⁃Mission: What are your goals? What do you hope to accomplish as a brand? Think about your company in the long-term.
⁃Visuals: The visual identity of your brand is incredibly important. The last thing you want is to blend in with a sea of look-a-likes, so take some time to craft a beautiful, yet unique visual identity for your brand.
So what about YOU? What is your brand, and what makes you unique? Let us know in the comments below 👇 #bloguettes

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