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Cassey Ho  My mission is to make fitness fun, colorful & approachable! That’s why I created @poppilatesofficial, #PIIT28 & @popflex_active. 💕 👊 NEW WORKOUT ↴

I just uploaded a super cute #PUPPilates video of me working out with my baby boo @sirgeorgethemagnificent! 🐶 You guys asked for it in the IG poll, so here it is!!! You can watch it right now at 🐾 (bio link). Do you have pets? What is the thing you love most about your baby? I love when Sir George’s ears go backwards and his body does this hallelujah shake dance thing when he sees me because he is so excited that he cannot even contain himself. I die every time. 😭🤗

I LOVE ROMPERS. They are legit my favorite style of clothing in the entire world. What do you think - should I design a romper!??!?? #blogilates

I’m always wondering...does @sirgeorgethemagnificent know that I love him so much? ♥️ When he licks me is he giving me kisses or is it because he likes the saltiness of my skin? When he gets excited to see me is it because he misses me or is it because I’m the provider of food? 🤔 #blogilates

I mean...what three words were YOU thinking!??? 😂♥️ #blogilates

Here are 3 all natural pre-workout snacks that I eat to get energy! .
#1. 🍊 Tropical Energy Smoothie
- 1 @SunkistGrowers Navel Orange
- 1 Banana
- 1/3 C frozen pineapples
#2. 🍋 DIY Sports Drink
- 1/2 C water
- 1 C Coconut Water
- 1 @SunkistGrowers Lemon
- 1 TBS honey
- 1 pinch salt
or keep it simple and just keep it simple and eat
#3. 🍏 A whole fruit!
Do you guys typically eat a pre-workout snack? Or do you fast before your workout? There's really no right or wrong - just what feels right for YOUR BODY! #blogilates #ad

Spring vibes in the air! Everywhere! Even in front of this random person’s garage! 😂 Doing some spring cleaning myself. Thinking of putting my lightly worn/worn once Instagram and YouTube clothes on Depop and then taking all the proceeds and donating it to charitable causes that we can choose together as a community. Would you be in? #blogilates

🏃‍♀️ Treadmills are legit dreadmills unless you have a purposeful and FUN routine the follow! I created this booty building, thigh sculpting and fat burning treadmill workout that will WORK. YOU. OUT. 💦 Go screenshot the full length routine on (bio link). Lemme know what you think! #blogilates 📷: @victoriashapowphoto 💄: @beautystylelist

When I go to my sister’s place, I legit open the fridge and ask if there’s anything to eat before I even sit down. 😂 #blogilates

Thinking of filming myself testing out some “celebrity workouts” for our next series! What do you think? Would you want to try alongside me? Which celeb’s workouts are you most interested in unlocking? #blogilates

Ahh it is the final installment in the #BridalBootcamp series! 😭 It has been so fun putting together this beautiful set of workouts for you guys - bride or non bride! 👰🏻 💁🏻‍♀️ Doesn’t matter! We all need exercise! Anyway, do you think I should make a Bridal Bootcamp Workout Calendar so that you guys will have something to use when the time is right!? #blogilates

Wanna know my secret to staying motivated and on track? I write everything down. 📝 If I see it, I stick to it. This means tracking my water intake, prepping my meals for the week, and planning out my workouts for the month.
To make the journey easier for you, the Blogifam created this health & fitness printable pack that you can download for FREE!
✔ Grocery List
✔ 30 Day Water Challenge
✔ Weekly Meal Planner
✔ Workout Calendar
✔ Habit Tracker
All you have to do is go to (bio link) and tell me where to email the PDFs! These are my gift to you.
No need to buy anything. The most valuable thing you could do for me is to simply share this post with a friend to help them get started on their fitness journey too. That's all. And GOOD LUCK! You're gonna be amazing! #blogilates

Legit cannot work out at home if @sirgeorgethemagnificent is on the loose. He thinks I am a big chew toy. Anyone else relate!?? #blogilates #dogilates 🐾

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