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I used to tell myself that I wouldn't wear a bikini or show my stomach unless I had a super flat stomach with major ab definition. Well you know what? I'm not gonna wait around to enjoy fashion. I'll wear what I please! If I feel like I look good, then that is all that matters. Confidence is the best fashion accessory after all! How about you? What do you want to wear that you feel like you can't? #blogilates

It's taken me my entire life to find peace with food. And TBH I'm still figuring it out. But here are things I know to be true for my body. I'm happiest and most energetic when...
1️⃣ I eat fresh, whole and natural.
2️⃣ I distance myself from processed foods.
3️⃣ I can cook for myself and for others.
4️⃣ I can have dessert while knowing when to stop.
5️⃣ I look at food as more than just calories.
If there's anyone out there who's telling you how to eat, what to eat, and JUDGING you for it - you guys either need to sensibly talk it out or get away from each other. .
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" said Hippocrates. .
And if that's the case, medicine is prescriptive. Unless this other person is your doctor, they don't know what's best for you. Food is 100% unique to every person. .
Listen to my newest @besheroic episode where @lisabilyeu and I talk all about FOOD! Our diets. Everything. 👠 or you can catch all the episodes on in video and or radio version! Link in bio! #besheroic

I'm so happy to report to you guys that my hamstrings are feeling much calmer after I stopped sprinting on the treadmill! (They still aren't at my max stretch levels but it's better!) My flexibility is coming back! 🙂 Did months of hot yoga and slower activities to heal my poor legs and my body feels so much happier now. 🤸🏻‍♀️ Here's the thing guys - no one workout is better or worse than another - it's just what you're into and what gets you excited at the moment. Keep switching things up! Your body needs a little bit of everything to stay healthy. 💄 @beautystylelist 📷 @victoriashapowphoto #blogilates

Who else eats while standing in the kitchen in hopes that you can quickly get over your hungry phase!? I do this all the time. I end up having a feast by the stove. 😂 #blogilates

That trail I left behind makes me feel like a 🐌. Speaking of snails...have you guys ever had escargot? Yay or nay? (I tried both the French version and the Vietnamese version once and it is SO NOT MY THING.)

Currently wearing #BAREPRO Liquid Foundation Sandalwood 15. I've been getting lots of compliments lately on my skin and I'm soooo happy 😊 because I've NEVER had smooth skin growing up. Here's what I'm doing now that might work for you guys too! .
1️⃣ Eat as whole as possible! Stay away from processed food. 28 Day Reset friendly foods will clear your skin!
2️⃣Wipe off all your makeup at night! I use a makeup remover wipe as well as a foam cleanser in the shower to get EVERYTHING off.
3️⃣ Moisturize! Once after I wash my face in the morning and then once again at night before bed to keep my face hydrated.
4️⃣ Wear foundation that's actually good for your skin! And don't cake it on!
I've been looking around forever for a foundation that could let my face breathe. And lemme tell you, the @bareminerals #BAREPRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation is LEGIT! It's flexible, lightweight and matches my skin tone seamlessly! Oh yeah and there's vitamins and minerals in the cream that's actually GOOD for my complexion too! 😘
Hope those tips help you guys! Lemme know in the comments if you have skin care tips for me too! #blogilates #goBare #ad

I just finished one the BEST hikes I've ever been on thanks to lil sis's adventurous attitude! 🎒👓Instead of heading straight back to LA right after the convention on Saturday, she urged me to go visit Zion - her favorite place on earth. 🌏 So today we woke up at 5am and headed to the narrows to avoid the crowds. I was definitely hesitant of hiking through hip deep water, balancing over slick rocks and boulders, battling fast moving, murky water, and doing it all without a walking stick. But those little fears are NOTHING compared to the beauty that we got to embrace today. OMG. IT. WAS. MAGNANIMOUS. CAPTIVATING. 👏 I urge YOU to get outside and appreciate the nature around you while it's still here. The earth is changing everyday, and the truth is...some stuff that's abundant now will become scarcities in the future. (Coral reef!!! 😔) So get out! And big thanks to @jackelynho for pushing me to try something new. I loved it!

Wow. It's been a crazy few days recording a bunch of @besheroic interviews, filming a YouTube video with POPsters, and rehearsing for my @poppilatesofficial presentation at #IDEAWorld. I'm exhausted!!! But now...WE DONE! 👊👊👊 So it's time to take a quickie relaxation break at Zion before we head back to the hustle and bustle of LA. This place is magic. ✨ Are you guys outdoorsy people or city people? #blogilates

I'm sooo grateful to be surrounded by these real life wonder women. 👊👠 The @poppilatesofficial instructors who make up the #POPARMY are strong, kind and sooooo uplifting. I'm HONORED to have them teaching this format that started off as one little YouTube video back in 2009. Being around these awesome souls helps me realize that life is NOT about seeking fame, money, materials or's about making REAL relationships with REAL people who make you smile. ☺️ In fact, I just read an article proving the fact that people who have happy relationships outlive those who are lonely. So there ya go. Wanna be healthy? Make some good friends! 👯 BTW can't wait to teach my #POPPILATES class tomorrow morning at the @ideafit convention in Las Vegas! It's at 10:30am on the showcase stage. Come if you're in the area! It's open to the public! 😘

Can't even sleep right now because I'm soooo excited to be heading to Vegas for the #IDEAworld fitness convention!!! 💪💦 Anyone going!? I'm teaching a live @poppilatesofficial class on Saturday, 10:30am at the Las Vegas Convention Center on the Showcase Stage. It's open to the public, so if you're in the area...please come!!! It's gonna be a PAARRRTTTAAYYY!!! 🎉 #poppilates #blogilates

And until someone creates such an NEED to listen to the latest episode of @besheroic. 👠 My fit friend @dannyjdotcom discusses what it was like to be a professional bikini & figure competitor, and how damaging it was to maintain a "perfect" body. Like me, metabolic damage took over her body so badly that no matter what she ate or how many hours of working out she put in, she kept gaining weight nonstop. It got to a point where she wanted to kill herself if she got any fatter. This is a super thought provoking and relatable interview that every girl needs to hear. Now tag a fit friend 👯 you'd swipe right on! (bio link) #blogilates #besheroic

Don't know what to do for your workout today? No worries, I wrote one out for you. 😉 It's called "Not a Walk in the PIIT Park" 🌳 and will burn fat, tone your arms, lift your booty, and tighten your waist.
Your 7 moves are...
1️⃣ Push up and lift
2️⃣ Plank jacks
3️⃣ Side plank twist
4️⃣ Mountain climbers
5️⃣ Thrust and lift
6️⃣ Oil Riggers
7️⃣ Plank Jack Hip Twist .
Do each move for 45 sec. Rest 15 sec in between. Do 4 rounds for a full 28 min workout! Tag a buddy to try! .
If you want more #PIIT28 workouts, get the full exercise program and meal plan at 👊👊 (link in bio).

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