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Cassey Ho  Here to make fitness fun & colorful! 🌈 It’s why I created @poppilatesofficial, @piit28official & @popflex_active 💕 7 min to fabulous arms ⤵️

If you still need to finish your Christmas shopping, let me help out and be your Santa 🎅! Here’s how!
1️⃣ Tag 1 friend who you want me to send a @popflex_active 2019 Fit Planner present to!
2️⃣ Only 1 tag per comment.
3️⃣ We will ship to anyone, worldwide!
4️⃣ Oh and we will send one to you too!
*I’m randomly picking 5 winners in the comments and will be sending out 10 planners (1 for you, 1 for your friend) by the end of the week to hopefully hit in time for Christmas! Contest will end Thursday Dec 20, 2018 at noon PST!
#POPFLEX #blogilates

Never thought I’d say this but I love the stairmaster! Try these 4 new moves next time you’re avoiding it at the gym. Do 1 min each kind and keep rotating! I do this for about 30 min then I hit the weights after! 🍑 #Blogilates

Which one are you? I legit have 25 alarms on my phone. ⏰ No joke. #blogilates #blogicomics

Dare you to grab a pillow and try this workout! It looks innocent, but it’s deadly.
1️⃣ Tweezer throw x 20
2️⃣ Pillow pass x 20
3️⃣ Bridge w/ heel push x 15 ea side
4️⃣ Russian twist x 30
Targets the abs, thighs, and booty! If you end up doing this let me know how it feels! It’s way crazier than you think! #pillowworkout #blogilates #poppilates

Anyone notice anything weird about this photo? 5 points for anyone who gets it right!!! 😉 Anyway, wearing skirts over the knee makes me feel like Megan Markle so I’m all about it right now! Holiday parties HERE I COME!!!🎄 #Blogilates

STOP SCROLLING! I challenge you to abs! GO!
1️⃣ Side plank toe touches x 10 taps ea side
2️⃣ Bird dog crunch x 15 ea side
3️⃣ Twisted reverse crunch x 12
4️⃣ Boat crunch x 12
5️⃣ Little crawler x 8
Okay be honest did you actually do it or did you “save” for later?! 😉 #blogilates #poppilates #poparmy

This year has been one of extreme highs and extreme lows. I’ve learned so many lessons and am GRATEFUL for everything that has happened, as terrible and as HURTFUL as some of those experiences and people were. They changed me and made me SO MUCH stronger. 💪 You know what helped me get through it? I altered my perspective. When bad things happen, there are 2 ways I can CHOOSE to look at it: 1️⃣ Why did this happen TO ME? ...or... 2️⃣ Why did this happen FOR ME? The universe is always teaching me. So I let it! I choose the latter. 👊 #Blogilates

There’s a second stomach for desserts. I swear. #blogilates #blogicomics

Smiling because my ballgown has pockets. 😊 I’m curious - What are you enjoying MOST from me right now? Workouts? Comics? Body positivity posts? Let me know so I can serve you better in 2019! #blogilates #UNFO 👗: @sherrihill 💄: @laurencrucifix 📸: @mellylee_ 🏆: @koreasianmedia

STOP EVERYTHING. ✋ Ahh!!! My first weightless bicep move! Try it now! Did you feel it? Comment below! 💪 You can do the whole video on - go check my link in bio! #blogilates #popflex

My dad once said...”You have 3 choices. You can either be a doctor, a lawyer, or...a failure.”
I didn’t like any of them. So I wrote in my own answer to that multiple choice question. 😉
I spent 2 days struggling to write my acceptance speech for one of the biggest achievement awards of my life. But...just a few minutes before I stepped on stage, I ripped it up. I decided to speak from the ♥️.
To be honored with the Digital Influencer Award in front of so many people I respect and admire - directors, actors, writers, authors, singers, and fellow creators I’ve watched for so many years - my body was shaking, my heart was racing, but my soul was flying. 🧚🏻‍♀️
Choosing to follow my passion was scary. I tried to ignore it, but as the days passed on, my heart became more hollow, more fragile, and more lost. I wanted badly to make my parents happy, but I didn’t know how it would be possible if I wanted to be fulfilled too. There were times I even thought of ending it all...
Eventually, my soul couldn’t take it I took a risk...on myself, on my family, and on my future. I dropped out of Organic Chemistry, sabotaged my perfect Pre-Med record, and followed my heart to where I am today.
If you grew up Asian American, you’ve probably heard this story. Maybe you ARE this story. Perhaps you’re still trying to figure out YOUR story.
My parents gave me an extremely rough time growing up, but I owe it to them for igniting this INTENSE fire inside me. Their blockades taught me how to FIGHT HARD for what I wanted. We still have a lot to work through, but I love them so much for helping me become to woman I am today.
Thank you @koreasianmedia for this incredible honor and for bringing together so many inspiring people in our community for a moment to stop, dress up real fancy, and celebrate! Thank you to my fellow creators for your genuine friendship and enthusiastic support. And thank you to YOU GUYS, my POPsters - you are the reason why I’m living my actual dream. THANK YOU. 🙏 2018, what a year. ✨ #UNFO #blogilates

If I could wear rompers everyday, I would. You guys, we’re having a last minute holiyay sale on @popflex_active! You can get $30 OFF any purchase $100 or over on (bio link). Yea so that means rompers, highness leggings, the 2019 Fit Planner - it’s all fair game this time! Use the code “HOLIYAY30”! Ends this Sunday. #blogilates #popflex

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