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Bloedel Conservatory  A tropical paradise with over 150 free-flying birds & 500 kinds of exotic plants at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC. #bloedelconservatory

It doesn't even look real! The Pekin robin has gorgeous plumage and a beautiful song. They're a bit of a rare sighting at the conservatory as they are more shy than the other small birds. Usually you'll hear one before seeing it. #bloedelconservatory

The diamond firetail is one of the smaller finches, endemic to Australia. They can be easily identified with their bright red bill, eyes and rump feathers. They feed on fruits and seeds so you can often spot them near the small bird feeders at #bloedelconservatory

Cape doves, native to Africa, are mostly grey with a long tail and skinny beak. Males have a black patch from their face down to their chest. Find them up in the trees at #bloedelconservatory

Kramer doing his Friday dance🕺

Gidget is usually one of the quieter birds at Bloedel, except when she screeches for attention. With staff members she is close with, she will whisper 'hi Gidget' in a very quiet voice, raise her crest when she's excited, and wave goodbye.

Check out the spectacular yellow hibiscus (Hibiscus brackenridgei) blooming now at #bloedelconservatory. It's the official state flower of Hawaii.

The Sudan golden sparrow is endemic to Africa and eats mainly seeds and some small insects. You'll often find them near the small bird feeders during the morning hours. #bloedelconservatory

🍭Find these bright yellow lollipop plants (Pachystachys lutea) blooming all over the conservatory right now. They're native to Peru and produce small white flowers from their yellow bracts.

🐦Rudy is one of the most intelligent birds at the conservatory and is very good at mimicking speech and sounds.

Can you guess what this plant is commonly used for? The fragrant frangipani (Plumeria rubra) is native to Central America, South America and Mexico, and has been cultivated in Australia and warmer areas of the United States, including Hawaii.

Welcome to the jungle 🌿🌺 🐦
📸 Photo credit from left to right, top to bottom @old_steve1 @visabrina @ansoneaster @legere_photos @jessleedb @anapozasphotography @aniporkolab @philknight1

This bright bird is called a gold-breasted waxbill. What's your favourite small bird at #bloedelconservatory? 🐦

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