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Dave Bergthold  The website is now live! Reissues, skart planks and other new goods for fun or whatever. Founded in a Nor-Cal garage in 1985.

Special delivery by @grayslide of @Inkgenda (thanks Jim!) to the Blockhead garage... some sticky things that make you feel like life is worth living. The Hard Times and Rick Howard stickers will go out next week with the boards... the others will trickle out throughout the next year or so....we just need to plan ahead and gang ‘em all together. Doesn’t Jim’s sexy new haircut fool you that it’s 1988 all over again? Oh I should probably mention that Jim’s first board and a modern version will be available for pre-order August 1st! #skateboardstickers #jimgray

Repost from @inkgenda and @grayslide . New stickers printed today! Rick Howard stickers going out soon with the “new graphics” and Ben Davis monkey boards. Still a few left for pre-order on The rest will trickle out in the next year as we do new reissues... possibly available in new sticker packs before then. Probably shouldn’t show you this cuz there could be some secrets revealed... oh well🙃. 30 year anniversary of Splendid Eye Torture 2019! #skatestickers #skateboardstickers #80sstickers #reissues #jimpickedthemusic

8000’ up at a remote lake in the Sierras... you never know what you’ll stumble upon. Last weekend’s off-grid camping mission with a little bonus fun. No broom but kicked enough rocks and pine cones out of the way for a couple runs...hopefully I can make it back and clean out the whole thing! Video and photos by my buddy Darrin who’s too cool for Instagram. #damskateboarding #lifesaditch #campanddestroy #bombditchesnotpeople

Go Skateboarding Day is another silly made up holiday like National Donut Day....but whatever, it’s our holiday and it gets people off the couches and into the streets, parks, ramps, skate shops and ditches so that’s rad. But I don’t need a holiday to make me skate... I’ll do it any damn day! Avoiding the crowds with a ditch mission with @jpizzl and @diehloid and earlier a curb slap with @slappyredz and @daveswift01 . #goskateboardingday #everydamnday #lifesaditch

Quick check-in today @watsonlaminates to see how things are coming.... Rick Howard split stains pressed and looking sharp! A few still available for pre-order on #madeinusa #handcrafted #qualityoverquantity #rickhoward #reissue

Tragicomic! Just a few clips from when @the_ron_cameron was down last week to sign boards @watsonlaminates . Only a handful left on blockhead and a few going out to super select skate shops today and tomorrow. The Meaning of Life is sold out on our site but a few went out to shops as well. The Tragicomic was Ron’s misfit am skater/ artist model and one of my personal faves. Get on it! #tragicomic #reissue #1988 #80sskateboards #roncameron #roncameronart #screenprinting #madeinusa

Neon green! These bright ass beauties are an exclusive color available only @sk8supplydotcom . Only 15 Tragicomic and 15 Meaning of Life reissues in “green light special” color ways were produced. More than half are sold so jump quick if you want to score one or two. #blockheadskateboards #reissue @the_ron_cameron art #80sskateboards #tragicomic #meaningoflife #sk8supply Thanks David for the support!

For an extra dose of gratitude to the skaters who supported the pre-order launch of the Meaning of Life model featuring my art from 1986 I hand printed a limited batch of 44 posters (signed and #’d) to include as a free bonus for the early supporters. It’s a 2 color print of the 1986 @thrashermag MOL ad... which is also the special edition top graphic (original had none). I was definitely a bit rusty on my skills but thanks to the help of @patinesamericanos and @artysglass and my @iris_skateboards squeegee made out of recycled skateboards I was able to pull it off without sucking too bad 😁. Thanks again for the support, more new stuff coming soon! All pre-order MOL’s and Tragicomic’s shipped, check the web site for availability or there’s some going out next week to very select shops. #thankyouskateboarding #screenprinting #handmade #bonus! #meaningoflife thank you @watsonlaminates

@the_ron_cameron ‘s Tragicomic and my Meaning of Life decks all wrapped up! They came out super radical, thanks @watsonlaminates and @patinesamericanos . Still a handful left on the web site if you don’t lag too hard. So Ron and I went to a skatepark today and a little kid said “whoa you’re old”... and I said “how old do you think I am”.... he said “I don’t know, 94?” And Ron asked him how he was... and his answer “20?”. Man, no fair... I’ve only got 5 years on Ron☠️😁. I better figure out the meaning of life soon. Oh boards will start shipping Thursday, thanks for your support! Dave B.

What is the meaning of life? Not sure but I do know the boards came out so RAD!!!! Pre orders ship this week... there are a handful left if you haven’t yet jumped on one yet! Thanks @patinesamericanos for screening them better than I did back in 1986. #blockheadskateboards #meaningoflife #screenprinting #madeinusa #reissueskateboard @watsonlaminates

Fun couple days shredding with @laban_001 ! Week 22 of #seekanddestroyweekly ... new spot and new (or relearn old) trick every week of 2018. Missed the quick sesh at Leucadia Park with @esp_skateboards but had fun at @bluntsteel ‘s new QP by @frontrock_inc with @533rene and @myless_pachecoo #laban #labanpheidias #bluntsteelalley #diyconcrete #skateboardingiseasierwithyourhandsdown #oldmanonboard #skatersover50 #skatersover40 #damnkids edit and repost from @laban_001

Just passed the 5 hour mark waiting at the DMV.... thinking back to happier times (last night) when @laban_001 handed me this slick bottom pro model of his from 1992. He didn’t know he had until his mom unearthed it with his baby shoes and middle school diploma recently. I’m beyond stoked! I don’t have one in the collection and this could very well be the only one out there.... has anyone else seen one? Now I just need to find the @emericansoldier one so I have the set. Thank you Laban! (And it’s here in good hands but you decide you need it back it’s all yours). #laban #90sskateboarding #dmvsucks #vintageskateboard

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