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Dave Bergthold  The website is now live! Reissues, skart planks and other new goods for fun or whatever. Founded in a Nor-Cal garage in 1985.

Nothing is, was or will ever will be cool….But now is your chance to pre-order a Nothing is Cool hoodie or t-shirt as we’re doing a small fill-in order (the hoodies are currently sold out and t’s are low stock). --------
We’ve got a new color (Navy) in the hoodies and a new “cool blue” t-shirt ….as well as more black. We’ll get a few extras but pre-ordering is highly recommended especially if you want a smaller or larger size. ---------
BONUS: Pre-order SALE…hoodies are 5 bucks off but only until Sunday night! Classic 1988 @the_ron_cameron art, get one of these 30 year limited editions before they’re gone for good! #nothingiscool

Less than 1 week left! Here’s an early 1990 flyer that featured some @the_ron_cameron doodles in the background…only until this Sunday can you pre-order the “Ron Cameron Does Not Exist” t-shirt with this artwork on the back for only 10 bucks extra when you pre-order the 30 year “Whateversary” Nothing is Cool PLANK (Mystery graphics revealed when they’re screened). This shirt will not be sold individually on the web site or in stores, this is your one-time chance to score one. Click on over to to order or get more info. #roncameronart #roncameron #skart #skateart #1989 #1990

Pic 1: Blockhead HQ #recordwall for October! Pic: 2 yes it’s true Bony Hawk now rides for Blockhead and flew in to snap one over all the punkins in the annual carve fest. Have a fun and safe All Hallows’ eve, Samhain, Halloween or whatever. #vinyl #punkvinyl #scarymusicforskateboarding

Excited to check out this interview with @sam_cvnningham on @scene_tv_raw ! (There’s a link in their bio). Total ATV ripper and one of the best dudes ever. Reposted cuz I forgot to set the cover image... now our likes and words of praise are all shot to shit and cool factor just went way downhill (even farther). #sacto #punkrock #sactoskatedamage #80sskateboarding

It’s PLANK! ®. Order yours now on @the_ron_cameron designed this shape for the 30 year limited edition “Whateversary” Nothing is Cool Plank. Jim down @watsonlaminates hooks up the sample template for the green light. Reissues are rad but it’s always a fun change to make something all new...just like the good old days. #plank #roncameron #makingskateboards #madeinusa

Spray Paint reissue available now! (For Pre-order). Here’s some footy of Zak Grove ripping one at the #blockheadramp (etc) 1989 where he was roommates with Rick Howard during the filming of #splendideyetorture. Zak had lines, speed, power and style on the ramp….and even did the longest 5050 ever recorded (that’s not fake at all). Click on over to to check out the boards and our multi-tonal day-glo fire stains! Come roll again sometime Zak! #zakgrove

NOW LIVE!!! Click on over to ‪‬ and snatch up a 1989 “Spray Paint” logo reissue…limited run, no more than 120 made and they’ll likely never be made again.  Thanks for the support! Dave B.

Your Splendid Eye Torture brainwashing session starts now….. @the_ron_cameron ’s got a radio show tomorrow you should tune into and the 30 year “Whateversary” edition Nothing is Cool board launches ‪at 5pm today‬ on ‪Thursday (Oct. 18th) from 10-12AM Ron will be guest DJ-ing on the Frosty - Celsius Drop show on Ron will be digging deep into the archives of music he's been collecting since the early Blockhead days that's inspired his unique art and skateboarding styles, you can also find his WAY OUT radio show on to hear older shows too. ‬

This one’s mine and you can’t have it :-) but you can pick up a reissue today at 5pm pacific on (preorder). On the red/gray color blend the gray gets lost into the dark blue stain, been looking forward to doing this one so I could do some colors that really pop! Limited edition, grab one while you can. Thanks! Dave B.

Here’s a few clips of @the_ron_cameron and his abundance of creativity…on the board or on the paint brush. Ron's 30 years of Nothing is Cool special edition launches for pre-orders tomorrow (17th at 5pm) only on As most of you probably know, Ron inked the majority of your favorite Blockhead graphics of all time. I know this got posted before but worth another view. #roncameron #nothingiscool

Tomorrow it’s on! Wednesday the 17th at 5pm Pacific, the 1989 “Spray Paint” logo and @the_ron_cameron ‘s 30 years of Nothing is Cool special edition launch for pre-orders! ——
Ron designed the shape to be a highly fun and functional “PLANK”. The bottom will have 2/C “Nothing is Cool” screen-printed graphics and strange but true, the top will feature a full board 4/C screen-print. Ron will also be getting his hands dirty and hitting a quick spray paint shot to the backgrounds of all of these... so each one will be slightly different!

You’re going to have to trust us on this one as the graphics won’t be revealed until they are screen-printed. Ron Cameron art, Nothing is Cool, Blockhead, exclusive t-shirt, manufactured and SCREENPRINTED in the can you go wrong? No more than 120 of either of these decks will be made. Check for full details.
Ron and I thank you for your support!
Dave B.

Launching for Pre-Orders this Wednesday the 17th at 5pm Pacific, the 1989 “Spray Paint” logo and Ron Cameron’s 30 years of Nothing is Cool special edition.
We decided to up our game and make all the 1989 reissue Spray Paint logo boards (except white dip) using our late 80’s signature stain process where the rails are a fluorescent color and the tops and bottoms are multi-colored with the grain of the wood for a very dynamic they’re on fire! -------
The shape is a little fishy and a lot of fun! It’s double drilled as it was in 1989 for choice of wheelbase and nose length. Dimensions: 10 x 31”, 14.125” or 15” variable wheelbase, 6.75” tail, 5.125 or 4.25” nose. Built and screenprinted by hand in San Diego CA. #reissue #80sreissue #reissueskateboard #blockheadskateboards

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