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Blk Swan  Love the arts but cannot cook :)! lol 7 Years taken Strawberries & Cream Radiology Student Class of 2018

1 hour killed me 😓

Truth is.... I haven't been able to fit in these pants for 6 months. Now i finally can... Was going to give them away but they have really motivated me. I can honestly say I haven't been hungry and its not just physically, its mentally as well. Never have felt this way but food just doesnt taste good. Odd.. but i can say ive been drinking more liquids than anything. This may not be healthy but its working for me atm. Everyone has their corks but im finding mine💪

Gym Time
#Mind over Matter

Thanks for last night. Sad your leaving us @mindys_marvelous_adventure but glad to have a night with you! You all made sure the night was fun and that we all stayed safe 😗

Thanks to my friends I didnt puke on myself🤣
#Girls NIGHT

This is me. I like to dance, especially when im intoxicated. You have to have fun in life. So many have asked if I can actually drop it and I sure can ❤
#Be yourself
#Drop it
#Girls night
#Judge me or join me next time
#kikichallenge is next

He will enjoy this. 10 hours of work and only 15 dollars home made
#My man is a Rams fan
#I guess that makes me one 🏈🏈

This jacket goes good with like everything 🖤

The month of orange 🎃

A special thank you to the lady who turned in my bracelet that fell off my wrist! I thought it was going to be someones lucky day.. There really are good people out there ❤❤❤

Can next weekened be here already so I can be with my girl @mindys_marvelous_adventure and let lose on the dance floor. Im ready for some memories before I let you go back to Nebraska ❤

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