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  🐖 I am not Bacon 🐄 I am not steak or milk machine 🐔🦃🐣🐠 I am not a meal 🐇 I am not ear muffs 🐎🐘 I am not entertainment 🐒🐇🐶 not for testing

#friendsnotfood thank you @romin_playernumber2 for sharing this. So happy this cutie got a chance to live 🐾🎉🎉@Regrann from @fuckjerry - Watches anime 24/7 - #regrann

As many vegans know, some non-vegans are often quite insulting to those living a vegan lifestyle. One Reddit user, bigbadbillyd, posted a kind apology to vegans on Reddit.

Here is what he posted. “First let me preface this post with a few things. I’m not a vegan and currently don’t intend to become one, nor would I consider myself belligerently “pro meat”. So I used to always make what I felt were harmless jokes about vegans and the community surrounding it. I never had a genuine issue with veganism, so much as the stereotypes its associated with. Recently I decided that I needed to be more proactive about my health and cut my weight/body fat down now while I’m still young (25) to avoid long term issues when I’m older. My wife and I knew the first thing we needed to cut down on was the amount of meat we took in. After all, one chicken breast is most of what the body needs in a day for protein…Is there really a need for us to have meat with almost every meal? I’m not an Olympic weightlifter trying to make massive gains, just a typical male adult.

So we committed to having vegetarian and/or vegan meals everyday, which has since sort of turned into only one meal containing meat in a day. Today I noticed I happened to eat entirely vegan. With very little effort, my wife and I eat meat only weekly as opposed to daily.

My wife made the mistake of posting our first all vegan meal to facebook, and the feedback was surprising. We got shit by friends and people we don’t even talk to often…People we hardly see had to take effort to go out of there way to make vegan jokes to people who aren’t even vegan. I had a guy text me asking me if it was some kind of joke that I would even consider cutting animal proteins as a healthy decision.

I get it now. People are so defensive about their own dietary choices that they do what they can to make you feel bad about doing something that requires a little discipline and ambition.

So to you, the vegans of reddit and the world. My bad. Sorry for joining in on the noise. Its only fun until you have to deal with it constantly." #veganshavethickskin #apologyaacepted

@Regrann from @romeo_and_brix - SAVE VALENTINO! Public must #adopt or #foster this publicly adoptable dog BEFORE 12PM ET tomorrow 5-23-2017; otherwise he will be killed at #Manhattan Center.
#VALENTINO #A1103708 has been returned from a recent adoption on 05/04/2017. He is a #neutered tan and white American pitbull terrier mix who is 3 years old and weighs about 48lbs. Adoption fees are waived because he is OVER 40lbs. He was easy to handle and showed no concerning beavhiour during his medical evaluation. He is on the kill list due to now getting increasingly stressed at the shelter; he needs out!
A volunteer writes: Take your pick — high end clothing and accessories, or Rudolph Valentino the actor who was known for being a “#great #lover”. Our Valentino is actually a combination of both! He’s #gorgeous and #elegant in his latte color coat, his amber eyes sparkling at making new friends. And he’s a lover, in my lap for #kisses and #hugs, tail wagging at our connection. We’re told by his short term adopter that he’s spent time with #children and was #relaxed and tolerant of them, can play rough with adults but knows when to stop, enjoys being brushed, doesn’t guard his stuff, is “very” #housetrained, and #wellbehaved when left home alone. Like all great lovers, Valentino wants to be your one and only, as he doesn’t seem to get along with other dogs. He wants to be the cream in your coffee, the cream cheese on your bagel, the jelly on your peanut butter, the filling in your Oreo cookie — well, you get it. He’s the perfect complement to his person. Valentino loves treats and takes them #gently, and is ready for a lifetime of #love, treats, #cuddles and more love.
RECOMMENDATIONS: for an Experienced dog owner.
If you are local to the Tri-State, New England, and the general Northeast United States area, and you are SERIOUS about #adopting or #fostering (all expenses paid), email Experienced volunteers will do their best to guide you through the process. - #regrann

🆘🆘🆘🆘 VERY URGENT!!!! PLEDGES WELCOME... go to their page and make pledges. TO BE DESTROYED ANY MINUTE 🔴🔴@Regrann from @urgentdogsofmiami - LAST CALL FOR BEETHOVEN💔💔MUST BE RESCUED BY 6pm today or he will be euthanized😩He has a doggie cold at @miamianimalserv and he needs to be saved and taken to an outside vet for further treatment that the shelter cannot provide. PLS PLEDGE FOR HIS EMERGENCY RESCUE HERE. This boy is so sweet and a volunteer favorite. Please help! Miami Dade Animal Services is located at 3599 NW 79th Ave in Doral, FL. MDAS is open Mon-Fri 10am-6:30pm & Sat-Sun 10am-4pm. Please share, tag & repost to help #SaveBeethoven. #A1868291 RP @mrsyobe #MDAS #Miami #shelter #adoptdontshop #adopt #foster #rescue #miamidadeanimalservices #urgent #shelterpet #urgentdogsofmiami - #regrann

CALL (305)-884-1101 CALL YOU IF YOU CAN FOSTER, IT WILL SAVE HIS LIFE!💔💚💔 - #regrann

Meet our future murderous generation. @Regrann from @vegan.femme - this one just couldn't keep his mouth shut, and had to jump and defend the big game hunter/trapper who was killed by the elephant he had just murdered. This 16 hunter and trapper called the dead hunter "innocent." Kid, you pushed my buttons. I'm doing nothing wrong, just sharing your public posts. (Yes, I wrote posts, in the plural.) Just drop by his page @proctor_5 - #regrann

@Regrann from @jane_doe7x - Non veganism is a violation of inherent rights and fundamental justice.
Non veganism is exploitative, violent, unjust and unnecessary.
Veganism is about what's morally right. When we promote veganism as being something we can choose for compassion, we neglect to state what it really is, a moral imperative. Our moral obligation.
Veganism is our *only* ethical response to our own belief that animals are not "things" with zero moral value.
It's our *only* option if we don't wish to inflict unnecessary suffering and death on animals.
Living vegan is not about compassion anymore than opposing rape or racism is about compassion. We oppose moral atrocities not out of pity or kindness, but because it's absolutely the right thing to do morally.
All sentient beings are entitled to moral consideration and when we say veganism (or refusing to exploit, torture and kill nonhuman persons) is merely an act of compassion we downplay the moral imperativeness and urgency of it.
Be clear: veganism is about fundamental rights and justice.
All forms of animal exploitation are profoundly wrong and must be abolished.
For the inherent rights of all sentient beings,

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🚫🚫Link to petition in @__brendanimalsoul bio 🚫🚫 Thanks @Regrann from @__brendanimalsoul - PETITION LINK IN MY BIO⬆️⬆️ A man who kept a pitbull as a sex-slave has managed to avoid any charges, prompting people to set up a petition to demand that he be locked up.
Locals in the city of Salavat in Russia called police when they saw the man raping his dog in the park. However, police refused to get involved, leaving the traumatised witness no option but to contact a group of animal rights activities who rescued the dog and rushed it to the vets, the Sun reports.

The dog had to undergo three operations after suffering with severe internal injuries. A vet had to work on the dog for almost three hours ‼️‼️#veterinarian #justice #petstagram #dog #puppy #animallover #animals #love #doglovers #betheirvoice #help #govegan #vegansofig #plantbased #fitness #crueltyfree #russia #rescue #adoptdontshop #pets #bestfriend #friends #home #animalsarefamily #ilovemydog - #regrann

@Regrann from @theveganleo - People think because they hunt that they are somehow ethical or morally superior. The fact is that killing a sentient being is still wrong whether you pay someone to do it for you or you do it yourself. Whether it's done with a knife, a gun, a bow and arrow or your bare hands its still cruel, and in almost every case, unnecessary.

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