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Blev Echad ~ בלב אחד  Blev Echad is a Non-Profit organization helping & cheering up thousands of sick patients & their families all across Israel

A message from @rayzweiss to all beautiful women!
To all moms out there!
As you light the shabbos candles tonight, don't forget from the sweet little children suffering in pain all across Israel!
Join @holycandlesorg to show you support & help us shine light into their lives!!

Didn't join yet?
Nows the time to act!
➡️Join now by clicking the link in bio!

Candle lighting each week is a time of prayer and blessing. Many women give Tzedaka at this auspicious moment. Holy Candles (@holycandlesorg )will automatically dispense your Tzedaka money at the time of candle lighting, so that you have one less to remember while preparing to rbing in the Holy Shabbos. All money donated will be given to Belev Echad, a vast chessed empire that helps bring light and joy to thousands of patients and their families.
All you do is just light your candles and ask Hashem for all your בקשות.
We will email you a receipt with blessings every time you light your candles.

Please visit us at for more information

Let us introduce you to
HolyCandles.Org!! ➡️Check link in bio!!

Our office staff in meeting today with the management of the famous Park Peres in Holon where our summer camp will take place on August 7 iyh!!!

We would like to introduce the world to
A CANDLE FOR B'LEV ECHAD❤️ Stay tuned for more details...

On Monday August 7th, Blev Echad will be hosting a day full of excitement & entertainment for all friends & families of the special children of Blev Echad!!
DONATE NOW! Link in bio...

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בלב אחד מגיש. I chose this Cover for my new upcoming
Single עד הנה ❤️❤️❤️
The long awaited בלב אחד surprise is almost here. Stay tuned "you will all be involved @blev.echad
Good Morning ערש״ק all Beautiful People. "Three things prevent us from happiness: living in the past, judging yourself and others. And comparing with others..." Love ❤️ you all. גוטשבת. Michoel.

Today again our devoted volunteers visited the elder people in the Rehabilitation Center in Tal Hashomer!!❤️

The production division of BLEV ECHAD
are currently preparing for a day full of fun and a beautiful concert performance by the one and only


accompanied by the "Yoeli Dikman Orchestra"
To all the hundreds of special children and their families!! The event will take place at the Peres Park in Holon Monday Aug. 7th!!

Yet again our volunteers out there doing what they do best, today in the Rehovot medical center!


No words can describe the happiness & smiles on the faces of the ill & their families as the volunteers of "Blev Echad" enter their room.
Today our volunteers at the bedside of a 15 year old boy which was hit by a terrible accident r"l!

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