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Bleu  Air Traffic Controller's new single "After Party" (co-written produced by your truly) available on all formats now! link to all formats -->

needed help quickly choosing some wine for the wedding.. #WholeFoods had a one-day-only sale, 40% off 12 or more bottles.. thankfully @the_alex_ball swooped in to save the day (thanx for letting us borrow him @iamericaball).. no matter how many boozes i have to taste, i shall return the favor one day!!

fAb EP release show @monogem last night @bootlegtheater's too short to not add 80s filters to this vid #lifestooshorttonotgetwild

@atcmusic from their show last night.. #AfterParty single out now (link in bio), record out sOon! @caseyannjones @adamsalamehdrums @adrianaiello @tencommandos

cOngrAts to @rheasings and @jessemcginty #jesserheanuptials was friggin' gorgeous up at @nunobettencourtofficial's ..sO happy for you two spectacular people #werenext💍


this record changed everything for me.. i was in music school, not quite 19 years old (this was the soundtrack to an epic birthday trip to the cape that summer), and was still figuring out who i wanted to be as a songwriter (and a person) when this masterpiece muscled into my life.. it transcended genre - an impossible amalgam of adventurous musicality and melodicism worthy of the Beatles, but with the riffy heft of Sabbath (how?!).. it never felt like it was trying to be anything other than itself - a grand musical statement, but one seemingly made not to please anyone but the muse of it's brilliant creators, who were given enough freedom to chase that ineffable beauty.. it felt like it gave me permission to pursue my own musical perspectives and not be afraid to reach for something that wasn't "easy".. it will always be one of my biggest songwriting influences, right next to Joni Mitchell's Blue, and Bridge Over Troubled Water.. and no disrespect to the other members of the band, but that influence is Chris Cornell.. his pipes were so powerful that it was easy to overlook him as a songwriter, but he was one of the giants of his time with a true musical language all his own.. there is a gorgeous song on the Spiderman 2 soundtrack called "Someone To Die For" produced by Rick Rubin, sung by Jimmy Gnecco (of Ours), with guitars (including a solo) by Brian May - it's written (only written) by Chris Cornell.. check it out and you'll see what i mean.. thanks for changing my life - rest in peace..

hAppy mOmmy dAy to this beautiful lady @scottiecochrane!!

@atcmusic's new single #AfterParty out today (link in bio) we wrote this in Jan trying to express our feelings about this out of control political climate which still feels like a drunken after party at #garybusey's.. @adamsalamehdrums @caseykatherinesullivan @adrianaiello @tencommandos

heard this awesome #professionalwhistler at @kii's bDay pArty Sat! she had a card and everything! #MollyLewis #WorldChampion!

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