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Six to myself. 🐚

They’re filming Very Cavallari outside.


Self portrait.🤳🏼

I’ve had a completely shit morning. Marriage is hard guys—really hard. Raising four kids and trying to balance time with each of them and navigate their needs and emotions so you don’t fuck them up along the way, and the guilt that comes with is so hard. Working for yourself, building a company with people who depend on you and supporting said family is really, really hard. Finding time to spend with your friends, your chosen family, and making sure they feel valued, heard, and loved is hard. I could continue with my laundry list because life truly is interesting and complicated and unpredictable, but I’ll stop here. Like I said, I’ve had a shit morning. It’s usually sunshine, kittens, and rainbows on social media, but every once in awhile it feels good to share the scraped knees and torrential downpour. More often than not, I feel like I have to be the one to hold people above water, and I struggle and I kick like crazy to not sink and go under while keeping everyone else afloat. This is one of those moments. I’m breathing, but I’m kicking and my legs are tired, and for god’s sake, can someone just throw me a life vest? #allthefeelings #stayhuman #sharewhatsreal

Can’t wait to install this beauty.⚪️

Pretending those aren’t 37 degree winds blowing right through me.💨🤗

Simpsons fan since 1989.

When work doesn’t ever feel like work. @the__bleu

Anniversary flowers from you know who. 💐💫💕

A healthy mix of hi/low, that’s how I roll. Vintage t-shirt, @sezane coat, @mango trousers, @balenciaga bag, @oldceline necklace, and @vans.🤗

This little guy came home with me and I can tell we are going to be very close.

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