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❥Justin Bieber  People call him their sunshine because he lightens their day, we call him our moonlight because he's been here in our darkest times.

Fave song of journals?


Omg guys I really hope Justin will see this ... I got a lot of hopes thanks to @jbcrewdotcom who reposted it I still can't believe it! And I really don't have enough words to thank ALL of you guys who helping me, I really love every single one of you it means so much to me. But guys Justin hasn't seen it yet so pls keep helping me I know it's possible! Thank you so much I love y'all ❤️ —Tomer

hi guys its lior the other owner okay so the co owner of this account Tomer draw this it took her so much time she took this drawing to justins concert in israel which was 2 weeks and half ago. as you guys might know in the concert in israel we were there 60k+ people it was so hard to move or see anything. i was with tomer there it was the first time we met she showed me her drawing and told me she wants justin to see it some how. anyway she tried to get justin to see it but she couldnt because of all the people there were pushing. right now shes trying to get justin see this drawing on instagram and whats annoy me the most is that shes dming people here and everyone is ignoring her some of them help her but some of them just ignore. some people there i used to help them when i was active here last year i used to help so many people here and its sad that rn that all my friend needs is a repost it helps a lot he might see that. shes trying so hard. she would be so happy if he sees her drawing she worked so hard days and nights to get this done before the concert. help her if you can please it means so much to her she will appricate that a lot. ❤
Tomer bubi i hope he will notice your drawing you deserve that more than anyone else dont give up 💞

God help me

this selfie deserves an award

SO this is my drawing haha ❤️.. Like I said in my lsat posts of my Purpose Tour experience (on @trustingdrews ), I drew this for him and hoped he'll take/see this in the concert, what none happened :( ... In this drawing I wanted to make something special. From Justin I found out my love for drawing a couple years ago, and because I was going to actually hope he'll notice it, I wanted something with a meaning behind it. I drew the little Justin holding his teddy bear (hope you all recognize the pic lol) but, instead of its actual face, I drew him with nowadays with all us loving beliebers. Justin is holding his extremely unexpected future, like we all do, you don't know what will happen to you tomorrow.. I put SO much love and effort to this drawing, and even wrote a huge letter for him in the back of it, and like I told, it got back home with me all wrinkled. So please guys, if you really are true belieber, pls help me, in anyway you can, to spread this drawing. It's my dream for Justin to see it and it'll mean the whole world to me if every person who reading this will help me. Beliebers helps each other right ? 💜
Thank u .

I miss his hair 😩 —Tomer

My cutie look how happy he is ❤️ —Tomer

Math and me aren't best friends 💀💀💀 —Tomer

How much sugar you put in your tea/coffee? 💀😂 —Tomer

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