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Ariana Grande ♡  photos, videos, updates & more !ariana noticed X2💛

omg baby’s so pretty #arianagrande @arianagrande -M

my legs are skinny and my stomach is fat someone help meeeeeeee !! #arianagrande @arianagrande -M

i’m so mad. my ariana signed picture i ordered from her site a month ago (august 3rd) still isn’t here and i just got another email saying that it’s “taking longer than expected due to popular demand” and i will get another email in an ADDITIONAL 3-4 weeks about updated shipping. it’s not even gonna be here in 3-4 weeks. w. t. f. #arianagrande @arianagrande -M

i have a headache rn :/ @arianagrande #arianagrande -A

THESE VIDEOS. #arianagrande @arianagrande -M

she looks so sad🤧 📸:247paps #arianagrande @arianagrande -M

literally have tried everything and my hair just will not stay straight after i straighten it in the morning because of the humidity and it SUCKS. it just gets wavy again. does anyone know anything that may help? #arianagrande @arianagrande -M

i want it so bad and she looks so HOT on the box but a bitch is broke #arianagrande @arianagrande -M

HER LIL LAUGH MY HEART #arianagrande @arianagrande -M

omg hi baby #arianagrande @arianagrande -M

WHY DIDNT SHE USE THIS OMG it gives me Once Upon A Time vibes 🍃🍃 #arianagrande @arianagrande -M

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