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Brittany  ᴘʜɪʟɪᴘᴘɪᴀɴs 4:13 +Follower of Jesus 💙Carsons Mama StayAtHomeMom+Picture Taker 📷@brittanyleephotog 🌿collabs DM//

That grin, that belly, those toes! One way to carry clean laundry! #momlife

I love my life... (raw post coming soon, my life was not all rainbows and butterflies, at one point I no longer wanted to live. Know that there is hope!)

Our Monday involved sleeping in 💤 , drinking our morning coffee on a walk along the river with Mya pup ☕️ 🐶 , taking a lunch time swim at swim school, grabbing lunch and dessert at Chick-fil-a, wandering target and grabbing shoes on clearance for $6.99, homegoods for a new comforter that ended with us leaving with clothes for Carson and much more🙈, and then the grocery store for wine to go with dinner and ice cream for a second dessert! Came home to amazon packages on the porch that were outfits for Carson’s 1/2 birthday shoot! Thankful for this life and that I have my people! Convinced matt to take a vacation day today👍🏻! Dress: @milkmaidgoods Ring Sling: @wildbird (swipe to see a gorilla 🦍 flossing 😂!)

Decided we needed a fresh new white comforter with some huge white pillows ☁️ ! We had a fall decorations up weeks ago 😉🍂! Pumpkin sign: @faithinspired5 🎃

My heart, motherhood has made my heart so full! 📷 @brittanyleephotog Carson’s pjs: @kytebaby My Turban:

What I call a lazy Friday! Apple juice, crackers & cheese and lots of cuddles in bed on a Friday at 1:30 in the afternoon ❤️

Boob pillow life ☁️! #naplife #momlife #breastfeedingmama

The other week Carson and I were able to donate 231 oz to another baby and mama! A total of 1503 oz donated so far! So thankful we are able to share Carson’s milk with other babes! I’ve had over supply since day one! During the night I use a @haakaausa on the opposite side I feed on so my boobs don’t leak everywhere and I bag and donate that milk. When I had talked a few weeks back about getting my period back and then how I started running about 3 days a week I noticed a drop in my supply. I was able to pinpoint it to running! Yes I had my cycle but the days I ran after my cycle passed my boobs did not feel as full. Days I don’t run they feel super full. Some moms had suggested it was my body just regulating itself to what Carson needed because when my boobs did feel empty if I pumped I still got a decent amount out. ( I never normally pump as I’m with Carson 24/7) BUT any moms have a similar issue with running or working out and then noticing a dip in supply, but when you stop working out for a few days your fine? What did you do? Running is no where as important to feeding Carson, we are going on 6 months of strictly being breastfed! (Starting #babyledweaning at 6 months and I cannot wait, side note if your interested buy the book on amazon, it’s on my feed a few days back!) But matt and I were enjoying putting Carson in the running stroller and going for runs, so wondering if any other mamas has ideas! #milkdonor #breastfeeding #breastmilk #milkmaker

Today may just be a “stay in our pjs all day and not leave the house” kinda day! It’s been raining non stop in jersey 🌧 ! Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about being his mama! Turban: !

Getting ready for bed🍪! Booties: @kalinmarieboutique

We walked to the library tonight for Carson’s first time at the library! I’ve lived in riverton for over 6 years and this was the first time I went, so thankful for it to be all of our firsts together! We got our library cards and checked out books for Carson! ❤️📚 🐛 #parenting

Morning perfection! All my loves in bed minus one hard working daddy! Snuggles, coffee, devotions, then off to church! #blessed #thankful (adorable onesie: @kytebaby !) #5monthsold

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