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Michael Blecher 

Krishan’s idea of sailing.

So very proud of Krishan who is right now presenting to the Senate special committee on the charitable sector in Ottawa.

My last night of sailing for the season. Loving L’il Sister and Toronto Harbour.

North Atlantic-like swells on Lake Ontario. Thanks Parul and Emanuel for these lovely pictures. Reflecting on our wedding on Faial last month.

An evening with Bebel Gilberto....that would be so nice.

Good to be back at it last night.

Overaged dog walk gang tearing up the boardwalk yet again.

Thanks for the Danish surprise on the boat guys. Not sure what the best part was - that a) we won the race for the first time ever! :) (what the hell just happened???) or b) the various attempts to pronounce “tillykke med fødselsdagen”.

After an intense racing weekend (good intense), this is perfect.

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