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Brandy Leaver  Married 💍 @brandon__curry Mommy of 4...Made in Hawaii 🌺🍍🌊🌴IFBB /SCITEC NUTRITION ATHLETE NPC Music City Muscle Promoter 1st IFBB Bikini Pro Hawaii&TN


I'm only posting this so others who deal with criticism, scrutiny, and doubt never give up because they cannot withstand the negativity from those who lack vision! Never ever listen to fools.
This was 3 years ago...and up until this past weekend they called me delusional...laughed at me when I would back him up...spoke down to me and about him...(brandon__curry)...this was just one example of the many times I gracefully spoke up on my husbands behalf...and I just got to the point where I said okay, enough talking. Just keep working.
It's okay to be bold enough to challenge opinions. Opinions are just opinions. Change their perspectives. Don't change your pursuit.
I do get a good laugh out of this though. Lol!

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Wow...this is about 12 years ago or so I believe...not long after I had my baby girl Zoey ❤️...early 20's...now I'm in my mid 30's (will be 35 in just shy of 6 months) with 4 kids. Lol! I'm loving the aging process! 🙌🏽 #bleaver🌺
Photo by: @rtfotousa for Midweek Swimsuit Edition

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@mrolympiallc 2017 finals look and outfit ❤️💋 4 kids...moms can still rock it 😘

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Your legacy will live on daddy...💕 I love you. I miss you so much...but man, I feel so much relief to see you no longer suffering. Fly high daddy. 🙏🏼


With my sweet niece Lucy at the hospital in Hawaii 2 days ago to visit my daddy 💕 she's a living Precious Moments doll 💕

Pigeon toed...🙈 I used to trip over my own feet a LOT as a kid...walking or running... #bleaver🌺
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So here goes nothing... Many have been reaching out to me in concern about my fathers well being after my husband @brandon__curry made a post about me and mentioned him being in the ICU. I am not one to post too much about my personal life here on social media, because I believe I am more of a private person. When I grieve, I typically grieve in silence. If I am enduring hardship, I don't announce it...that's just me. But I wanted to answer everyone asking about my dads well being because I don't have the energy or emotional capacity to go back and forth and explain it to everyone who is kindly asking and showing concern, so I do apologize if I haven't responded because although I am strong on the outside, I am still a woman and go through every emotion imaginable.
For almost 2 weeks my father has been in a coma...he has a serious case of pneumonia and cannot breathe on his own...Doctors have hoped that he would have gotten better by now with antibiotics but his condition has only progressed and he now has sepsis. His liver is barely hanging on...his heart is failing, his bone marrow isn't producing red blood cells like it should and his platelets are so low that they said that he is very likely to have what they call a spontaneous bleed. He is given anywhere from 3-5 pints of blood every couple of days, he is also diabetic and his blood sugar continues to rise even in a coma state. So for those of you kindly asking how he's doing, well-truth be told he isn't doing very well at all. He also signed a no resuscitation form when he was admitted to the hospital so if he goes, there will be no attempt to save him as he wished to be allowed to die naturally.
This is a very difficult time for my family and I, times like these are never easy for anyone. I haven't been able to fly back home in Hawaii where I am from to see him yet because I am the only one here at the moment since my husband is in Kuwait and we have 4 children that I look after. Thankfully timing is working out now and my dear friend @tacooni will be able to help me so that I can go to see him... Thank you all for the love and support. ❤️🙏🏼

Less than 2 weeks away...and Team Scitec takes the Olympia stage!!!! 💪🏼 best wishes to my amazing teammates. ❤️ #Repost @brandon__curry (@get_repost)
#Repost @pepovenus (@get_repost)
The #marvelis 5 #superheros goes to #olympiavegas2017 #ifbb #dbfv
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#proud to be with this #amazing #athletes in ‼️#miami ‼️#vegas #olympia ‼️#barcelona #arnoldclassic ‼️#praque #evlsports@pepo_media around the world

In just 3.5 weeks, my baby girl...the ONE who made me a mother, will be 13 years old! I cherish every memory...as she grows I realize more and more how important it is to focus on being happy, make everlasting memories and to LOVE. They only have 1 childhood! Make it worthwhile. ❤️ I love you, my Zoey. 💋


#ad Just wanna brag a little on my sponsor @scitecnutrition for being named #1 EU Brand of the Year by @bodybuildingcom 🙌🏽❤️ definitely well deserved!!!!! So proud to be a part of such an amazing company!!! #bleaver🌺
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You can run from him...but you can't hide....watch my baby boy get after that ball 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 only 7 years old playing with the big boys...@blackmanyouthfootball Triple C...current Tennessee State Champs...he's the one in orange pants and white jersey with the tackles. Swipe right for second video. #teammaximus #gomaximus #proudmama
@brandon__curry @generationironofficial @scitecnutrition

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