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Brandy Leaver  Married 💍 Mommy of 4...Made in Hawaii 🌺🍍🌊🌴IFBB /SCITEC NUTRITION ATHLETEEntrepreneur NPC Music City Muscle Promoter 1st IFBB Bikini Pro from Hawaii&TN

Sunday vibes 💋

Feeling pretty in pink...and feeling extra healthy because I added greens to my @scitecnutrition Protein Delite at breakfast. 😋

LipSense: Pink Champagne

DM me of you wanna try this awesome lipstick that doesn't come off. Or if you need help with what to try from Scitec products! I'm in love ❤️❤️❤️ #bleaver🌺

2 men that I love. ❤️ moms brother on the right in blue-my uncle Ronald. And my moms cousin on the left in grey-uncle Ernest. The Big Island boys. Living far away from Hawaii makes missing my ohana difficult at times. But I know that they're all so proud of me. Just look at them their 60's and 70's and still playing ball!!!!! Hey sure don't make them like they used to!

I am so excited about this!!! ❤️🙏🏼 go to @scitecusa for more info and let them know I sent you! 😘


So tonight at football practice, I saw something different in my son Maximus. During conditioning at the end of practice he typically focuses on working hard and doing his best to be at the front of the pack if he can manage...he's the youngest one on his team so I always tell him that he needs to work extra hard and earn his right to be the young guy on the team...because I don't ever want him to have it in his head that he's younger so it's expected of him to be slower or less of an impact player. I believe in the exact opposite.
Needless to say, during conditioning I was watching and after the first 2 races he decided to come in closer to the end-because he saw a teammate that was struggling to keep up with the pack. So he ran behind his teammate with his hand on the back of his shoulder and I'm not sure what exactly he was saying but I'm sure it was along the lines of 'you can do this' or 'you got this' 'come on!' He did it the last 4-5 times they had to run up and down the field. It made me so proud to see my little boy realize that at the end of the day, he himself wasn't all that mattered. ❤️🙏🏼. There is no 'I' in TEAM! All I could think to myself in that moment was 'wow! He gets IT!!!!!'
Maximus Lee son, are truly 'The Greatest' 😘

Nothing to prove. 💪🏼 Ain't gotta take shots at nobody to feel confident.
#4kidslater #mommyof4 #married #myownboss

Just wait until she really gets the hang of it 😜

She's got good feet...but she's got them hands on her too 💪🏼

Pineapple Vanilla Protein Delite infused banana bread 😋

Special ingredient: pineapple vanilla Protein Delite by @scitecnutrition
What's for breakfast? ❤️ #bleaver🌺 #teamscitec #scitec #scitecnutrition

Find the body that's appealing to you...and don't be afraid or ashamed to pursue it. Go for it and be proud! 💪🏼 #bleaver🌺
#teamscitec #scitecnutrition #scitec #4kidslater #mommyof4

Reach for that sword baby boy...#maximus

#bleaver🌺 #teamscitec #scitecnutrition #scitec

Shut it shut it shut it shut it.....DOWN!!! 😘💋💄 #bleaver🌺 #teamscitec #scitecnutrition #scitec

Face beat today 💁🏽💋❤️💄 Pink Champagne by LipSense thanks to @defiantlipcolor ❤️ It's smudge proof...doesn't come off ladies! So you can kiss, eat, and drink your wine, coffee and protein shakes without it messing up or needing to reapply!
Every mom loves to feel pretty after long weeks...grueling schedules and our crazy minions that make us feel not so pretty 🤣 I know I don't lots of times...I typically look like a tornado hit days like today...I'm beating my face and documenting it! Lol!

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