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My first excited steps foraying into the world of #rawprimal, sampling Ethiopian steak tartare with my favourite culinary adventurer @mitkat. This was incredible, the added cardamom made it taste almost peachy! Highly nutritious and easy on the tummy, I plan to try a few more varieties and then start to make my own at home.

The happiest #bicyclegang just congregated outside our balcony. They had LEDs strung all over their bikes and were blasting Weezer's Island in the Sun. They encouraged everyone to stick together and then they were off. Wonder where they're heading next?

Using my sweet new vintage mixing bowls to make the most retro of lunches -- cold pasta salad! 😅 #pyrex #amishbutterprint

Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted a #blueberry farm, and this year I decided to make my dream a reality with my first balcony plant! These berries were green for weeks but have just burst into colour in the last two days. Look at how beautiful nature's transition tones are 😍

It's a cold world out there... thankfully I learned how to craft a sweet hat and scarf set for my snowman model. Thanks to @damesmakinggames for yet another kickass workshop, this time on learning #Maya! A real dream come true for me. #checkoutthatscarfflow

Came home for lunch, now I never want to leave this couch #ragdolllove #kneesaatheragdoll #mushutheragdoll

Sleepy sausage #mushutheragdoll

When your baby brother's first digs are cooler than anything you'll ever own in your life

Can't get enough of Commander Sisko's soaring tenor! Thinking of @zitremedyfan right now. #DS9

Spending my Saturday learning Unity! Thanks to @damesmakinggames and @gammaspaceto for setting up such a great workshop!

You do you, Piggie #kneesaatheragdoll

Taking time for the important things with @mitkat

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