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When your partner knows you better than anyone and surprises you with “just because” strawberries. Thanks, babe! 😘 @mitkat @torontohorticulture



Slowly emerging from my winter hibernation with the help of my favourite personal horticulturalist, @torontohorticulture. I picked the #succulents based on a display I saw that I liked, and Tim helped me configure planter spacing based on their growth patterns and existing root structure. Everyone should have their own horticulturalist! You learn so much about plants and even a little about yourself when you’re mindful about growing decisions. A great lesson from a great teacher! 💚💚💚💚💚 #plantzen

My flight to a philosophy conference got cancelled today, but I found other ways to be productive! Finished my whale pillow! Swipe left to see it with an attractive model, and an action shot! Volume up! Thx to @ottsonic for the sweet swimming soundtrack 👌

Gettin’ domestic with my very own chai shortbread blend

Did you know that instead of spending hours looking at quilts online, you can actually start your own?

Movie time at the Carlton! Timmy’s first time seeing #theroom, can’t wait to see what he thinks!

I gambled...and I won! #minesweeper #mineswept 😎

Taking a break from the Internet this week, jumping back on teh social mediaz just to show you this sweet whale pillow I started with all the new-found free time I have!

The conflicted face of one who is staying at a seminary to share her work on philosophy of evolution #philwuzhere

Urban elemental romance in Chicago

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