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Sleepy sausage #mushutheragdoll

When your baby brother's first digs are cooler than anything you'll ever own in your life

Can't get enough of Commander Sisko's soaring tenor! Thinking of @zitremedyfan right now. #DS9

Spending my Saturday learning Unity! Thanks to @damesmakinggames and @gammaspaceto for setting up such a great workshop!

You do you, Piggie #kneesaatheragdoll

Taking time for the important things with @mitkat

Dying over here. My brother just found a speech he wrote about me when he was 10! I was pretty inseparable with both my brothers in those days. The miles between all my brothers and sisters feel pretty long some days 😥

Oh my god, Greenland 🇬🇱 So glad I can easily post multiple photos because I couldn't choose a fave

This heart is for how much I ♥️ Norway's waffles traditionally served with brown cheese and strawberry jam

Life goal: freeze my hand in Norway's icy fjord water ✅

Found yet another black metal music store. I don't know how I'm ever going to leave this heavenly city. This place was crammed full of tshirts, memorabilia, and walls full of demo cassettes. I had my eye on several records, but demonstrated exceptional restraint. Instead, I decided on a shirt by Ulver, a rare find by one of my most favourite bands.

Shopped vintage and drank coffee in Grünerløkka. Wish we had garden squares like this in Toronto! They really bring people together, serving a social function that I feel is missing in our city.

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