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Blaze  🦊[She/her] [16] Hey! This is where I'll post various drawings when I'm not working on animations.

Here’s a still from yesterday’s upload, go watch it if you haven’t already!

June was pride month ! And as a matter of fact, three main characters for three stories I created/co-created fit into the LGBT+ community :”)) -
Beau is transgender, Holly is bisexual, and Whiskers is demisexual/demiromantic. I hope pride month went well for everyone!

This is Binkles. Binkles is a sheltie. Binkles works with Colleen. Binkles is not a suspicious dog

Every two years, I draw Firestar. He gets nicer looking each time.

Made my pal @badlydrawnidols a sona! A bit of a late birthday present. Used color palettes to combine a camel and parakeet ~

There they are !! My RockClan kids ! There are more OC refs coming soon, I just don’t want to post like 6 at once, whoops. But they’re on my DeviantArt already if you want to have a look ✌️

“dog’s plan”
this is from when school was still in session but it still looks good soooo

Pride month drawings coming soon!

The bestest boy; I adopted him a while ago from @bluuberry

(Cries because I can’t post GIFs on here) But anyways here’s my proud gray-aromantic border collie who may or may not be an assassin

neonfarben; schon da gewesen
geländewagen; schon da gewesen
skateboard fahren; schon da gewesen
hüte tragen; schon da gewesen

Warriors is good character design practice :”) Bluestar and Fireheart/star.

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