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but first, let me take a dab✨💜  •California MMJP 🌴☀️ •i'll let my terps do the talkin 👅💦 •taken❤🔒 •nothing is for sale‼️ no I don’t wanna sesh🚫

I’ve been living off of @raw_garden 🌱 lately + this limited ‘forum cookies’ 🍪 sauce is incredible✨ each dab tastes like a sweet shortbread cookie dipped in milk🥛 ridiculously delicious 🤤 the high is heavy + works wonders for my nausea and cramps🙌🏼 this is definitely a new top 5 favorite from @raw_garden ✨🌱 ••

this @theoilrefineryco_la ‘wedding cake’ 👰🏽🎂 live resin✨ tastes like sweet vanilla cake🍰 with a hint of pine🌲 the high is incredibly stoney💫 great for nausea, anxiety, and a good nights sleep💤 definitely a heavy hitting strain🌿••

loved this @raw_garden ‘skywalker’💫 sauce🍯 with such a unique taste + heavy high, it has easily become one of my favorites✨ ••

super excited about this @raw_garden ‘lime drop’ sauce 🍯 it smells like sour limeade😝 + it hits so hard 👊🏼 a few dabs of this gives me a major body high and gets me feeling relaxed + happy☺️••

dabbing on the last bit of this @raw_garden ‘Fire OG’🔥 sauce🍯 this cross of ‘OG Kush’ x ‘SFV OG’ has a citrus🍊+ earthy fuel⛽️ taste to it. It has been doing wonders for my nausea, helping me sleep great at night, and easing the pain from my cramps this week😌 I continue to be impressed with every strain I pick up from @raw_garden ✨🌱 ••

happy stoney sunday 🌿✨ today’s terps: ‘Kannaking OG’ 👑👑 this #exclusivemelts x @kannakingfarms collab is straight ⛽️⛽️ it has such an earthy pine🌲 taste + gives some serious sedative effects 💤 I love this one for insomnia, anxiety relief, + pain relief ✨ ••

in love with these @rubisrub 🌿CBD jasmine bath bombs🛁 I have never experienced a more relaxing + pain relieving bath in my life✨ it left my house smelling like sweet jasmine + I had the best sleep that night 💤 I cannot recommend these enough if you suffer from any pain or insomnia, they work wonders 😌🙏🏼 ••

dabbing on some @raw_garden ‘motor punch’ sauce🍇👊🏼🍯 I love the sweet candy grape flavor + the strong body high and euphoria this strain gives me ✨ I will definitely be on the lookout for some more of this 😌 ••

had to get some more @raw_garden ✨🌱 ‘Leeroy OG’ sauce 🍯 I love the sedating and extremely stoney high I get from this strain, plus it helps my nausea immensely 🙌🏼 this batch tastes extremely piney🌲 and doesn’t have as much of that subtle grape🍇 flavor I’ve found in my last few batches, but I still love it 😍 ••

this @hashylarry @dabbliciousfarms ‘skywalker OG’✨is wonderful for my nausea + pain relief, as well as relieving my stress + anxiety 🙌🏼 it has a sweet, creamy + earthy taste that I love 🌿 ••

how do you spend your sundaze? @criticalcannabis ✨🌿🍯😤 ••

missing the @raw_garden 🌱✨ farmers buckets 🍯 a whole lot right now! this was the super tasty ‘Leeroy OG’ 😤 it’s great for nausea, stress relief, and uplifting your mood 🙌🏼☺️ I love the sweet berry🍇 and pine🌲 taste it has••

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mood after today: gimme all the bud ✨🙈🌿••

‘citrus sap’ sauce:🍋🍯 I’m loving the heavy body high and great nausea relief I get from this strain🙌🏼 it tastes piney/woody + like sweet lemons ✨ consistently impressed with the wonderful concentrates from @raw_garden 🌱❣️ ••

about to light up some Skywalker OG✨🌙 this sweet + piney strain is great for relaxation, pain relief, and stress 😌 with classes starting back up this week I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed and this made it easy to unwind and feel better🙏🏼 I hope everyone is having a great start to the year + I want to thank you all for sticking with me through my lack of posts lately❤️ between the holidays, traveling, + school I’ve had my plate full! I hope to be back to posting more regularly once I’m more settled 💫••

can’t wait til I’m home and can take a huge fuckin bong toke ✨💋💨 ••

hoarding my last bit of this @exclusivemelts x @darveypharms ‘strawberry banana x black mamba’🍓🍌🌿 live resin budder 🍯 it has a heavy strawberry banana taste with a hint of that unique pine from the mamba🤤 soooo tasty! it does wonders for nausea, anxiety, and sleep🙌🏼 definitely need some more of this ••

#exclusivemelts ‘dirty flo’ live resin budder 🍯🍇🌿 ••

my favorite way to start the day✨🍯🌙 do you wake and bake? 🌞🌿 ••

while I was on vacation this week I stopped by @joyoflife760 ✨🌿 to pick up some @starfire.edibles 🍩⭐️🔥💕 these mini donuts are made with ice water hash & let me tell you, they pack a HUGE punch👊🏼 they’re full of yummy organic ingredients & you can just feel the love in each box! ❤️ they taste so delicious, no weedy taste at all🙌🏼 my tolerance is extremely high and these put me into the deepest sleep for 5 hours!! so much for a little afternoon nap😸 these gave me such a strong body high and I felt like I was floating on a cloud ☁️ these are definitely my go to edible from now on! 🍩🍩🍩••

‘super purple punch’✨🍇👊🏼 this frosty flower gave me strong mental clarity, a euphoric high, and left me giggly ☺️ it tasted like sweet berries & cheese🧀 this strain has such a unique flavor that I really enjoy! ••

had the best time relaxing with my bf these past few days🌞🌴 I always love to have some CBD on hand, especially when I’m traveling, as it really does help with just about everything 🙌🏼 this @moxie710 CBD is amazing mixed with some @raw_garden ’Lime OG’ sauce✨🌿a little bit of THC + CBD combined always does the trick 😉 do you use CBD? ••

this @moxie710 CBD crystalline is helping me so much right now ✨🙏🏼 I love adding it to my @raw_garden sauce and getting the benefits of both 😌 the THC + CBD combined gives me an overall feeling of relief, minimizes my aches and pains, and also gets rid of my nausea 🙌🏼 it has a slight cherry flavor🍒 that I love 😍 I’m so thankful for meds that can completely turn my day around and improve how I’m feeling💁🏽‍♀️🌿••

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