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Blazedd + Confused💋💨  •CA medical patient✨ •strain reviews🌿 + cannabis/concentrate photos📸 •taken❤🔒 •nothing is for sale‼️ ask and get blocked🙅🏽‍♀️no I don’t wanna sesh🚫

wedding cake👰🏻🎂••

it feels good to be home✨🏠 ft. @rawgarden ‘Mandarin Guava’ sauce🍊🍑••

🌱 @rawgarden 🌱

wake and bake with ‘Master OG’✨ this heavy indica is great for relieving my nausea in the morning + getting me chilled out and ready for the day🌼 the buds are so sticky and have a fresh woody/pine taste🌲 I’m busy preparing for my cross country road trip next week🙈 I’m so excited! 🏔🌅🚙••

smoking on some tasty ‘Forbidden Fruit’🍇🍎🍊 this cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie has some incredible euphoric and relaxing effects✨ it tastes like tangy oranges and sweet cherries🍒 I could probably smoke this everyday for the rest of my life💫••

fruity pebbles in my bowl, and I’m not talking about the cereal🥣🍇🍌🍓••

ending my night with some bong tokes of @humboldtcountyindoors “Reserve OG”✨ each hit tastes like sour pine🌲 and gas⛽️ this indica dominant hybrid is the perfect strain for relaxing before bed💤••

had a super relaxing day with the help of some @rawgarden ‘Mendo Punch’ 🌿🍇👊🏼 this sauce has a delicious earthy + sweet grape taste✨ the high is heavy and sedating, perfect for getting rid of my anxiety and stress🌼 what are you smoking/dabbing on this evening?🌚••

DOUBLE CUP🥤🥤 (amnesia haze x biker OG) these chunky buds smell like sweet grape juice🍇 and are caked in trichomes❄️ the high is sedating and euphoric✨ the perfect smoke for me🌿••

taking some dabs of @raw_garden ‘Funk n Fire’🔥 before I knock out for the night✨ I’m loving the sweet🍭 fuel⛽️ taste + the heavy body high from this strain🌿 it’s been helping ease my nausea and stress all day💫 peep my @spaced_owt mat in the back👀••

it’s officially my summer!☀️ (even though I may be taking online classes😭) and I’m celebrating by smoking some ‘Fruit Loops’ 🍇🍋🍒🍊 these buds smell + taste like a bowl of fruit loops cereal🥣 after a few tokes I’m feeling happy and relaxed😌 I’m looking forward to my road trip next month🚗🏔what are your summer plans?✨••

medicating with some ‘El Chapo OG’🌿 while I study for my finals📚 this heavy indica strain tastes like fresh pine🌲 and smells extremely earthy🌎 I love how it relieves my stress and keeps me relaxed😌 one of my go to strains for sure✨••

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