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Jaron Millan  Young Black and Gifted Mostly just post dick pics

I hate my wife part 2

Leave a nigga alone in a car for 2 minutes and I get on some shit (part 1 of 2)

Lmao my mom out here wylin on FB, braggin about havin shooters

Have I run into celebs out here? Oh boy have I ever. 3 nerd icons. Totally geekin out over here #comiccon #sandiegocomiccon

Got rear ended, but for my birthday, the driver decided not to damage my car TOO badly. Blessedt

Out here making art better

You have been visited by the spirit of Young, Black, and Gifted Youth. You will enjoy Young black and gifted youthfulness for the rest of your days but only if you comment MIDDLE PARTS 4 LIFE

Thank you Eric for having me on. Felt great to do this again. And letting out the pain written about the ones we've lost and still miss, in a room of so many accepting people did so much for my mental state. I want more

Jeren Jaeger and The Weeb Division of The Scout Regiment successfully escaped a castle under siege by titans in the 59th minute lmao

💎ladies night💎

Will never under appreciate how lucky I am to have these incredible women in my life 😭😭

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