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Natalie Nicole  21. ♎️ Barista. ☕️ Happy lil vegan. 💚🌱 Love and positivity only. 💛✨

This hoop sesh felt amazing 😭💕


I wish I could always have this flow space 😭💖

I love my new lil tat so much 😭😭💖

Puppers are my weakness 😭💖

Moving walkways are the best part of an airport

Dis one felt good 🌞 #goopsteppa #flowartsfriday

I know it’s a dark video but maaann this is the first time a flow sesh has genuinely felt good in weeks :))

After a lot of thought and contemplation, I have made the tough decision to drop myself from the finalists for The Spinsterz’ sponsorship. In this clip, you’ll see exactly why. I have been forcing myself to hoop lately in order to post videos promoting their shop. This has made me lose my flow. I have been in the longest and worst hoop rut I have ever experienced. I don’t want to put expectations on my hooping anymore. I don’t want to be required to post a certain amount of videos per week. I don’t want to feel like hooping is a competition. .
This has absolutely nothing to do with The Spinsterz. I love their shop and I am so grateful for the opportunity they have given me. But I don’t wish to be sponsored by any company right now, and I probably won’t want to be for a very long time. I know this is the right step to take to regain my love for hooping and be at peace with my flow again.

I know this is the shittiest tutorial ever and the sad part is that I truly tried my best!! Lmfaoo I hope this is helpful 😅😂 Thanks to @tiig3rlily for coming up with this sweet move 💕
Don’t forget to use my code “Blathoops” to get yourself a discount on @thespinsterz goodies!! #thespinsterz ❤️

I swear the hoop gods have been hating me lately!!! After about 30 mins of sucky flow, I finally started to get into it & then my laptop died 🙄 but those 5 continuous chest rolls felt sooo good 🤤
In honor of Pride this month, @thespinsterz will be donating 15% of proceeds from select hoops to Basic Rights Oregon, a nonprofit LGBT organization! (The select hoops are the colors of the rainbow - check out their page for more info!) and use my code “Blathoops” to get a discount ☺️💕 #thespinsterz

I purposely woke up at 6 this morning to get outside and hoop before it got too hot. Unfortunately, my flow has been off these past couple days. I think we all know the feeling, when you can’t land certain tricks that you’ve always been able to, when moves don’t flow seamlessly into the next, and when it just doesn’t feel right. Tbh, I think videos like this are just as important and beautiful as “perfect” videos when we nail every trick and never drop our hoop. This is what hooping looked like for me today and that’s totally fine :) I will never pretend that my flow is perfect and that I don’t have days where I am discouraged and frustrated. .
Make sure to use my code “Blathoops” to get $$$ off at @thespinsterz ! You can get a UV Yellow hoop just like the one I am using. Mine is 5/8 27” 💕 #thespinsterz

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