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Brooke // ブルック  Writer and comedian living in Japan. Co-Editor of Kamihikouki Magazine and ART MAG.

This play, which I've had the pleasure of planning and performing in with the lovely ladies of @vdayosaka, is in 10 days! 楽しみ\(^o^)/来てくださいね〜
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The Countdown Begins! 10 MORE DAYS until our performance of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES!//カウントダウンが始まりました!ヴァギナモノローグスを演じるまで、あと10日間!
Reserve your ticket(s) to the show if you haven't done so already! Email us at

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No idea what it's the anniversary of. #purikura #プリクラ

Amen. 🍕

Spent my Saturday reading in this Kyoto bookstore/hostel (there are beds behind the shelves!). 📖
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Demonstrating against the rise of a discriminatory, disgusting demagogue because duh.

I survived 2016 and all I got was this cute Polaroid.

Visited the Hiroshima Peace Park again yesterday and spotted this cute rainbow. Also reflected once more on the sad fact that there is still war. It's the holiday season (and my birthday was yesterday!), so please consider donating to any of the efforts providing relief in Syria (UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, or The White Helmets, for instance) or any other reputable organization anywhere that fights for peace and justice.

Just taking it all in.

Look at that cute torii.

Miyajima today vs. 2014.